“In my attendance at several Bible studies and prayer meetings led by Lorraine in Binghamton, NY, I was very impressed by her Scriptural knowledge, as well as her insights into the practical application of Jesus’ love and compassion as a model for the daily lives of her listeners.

Lorraine provided profound leadership and I look forward to being further inspired by whatever publications she seeks to bring before the public.”  

Mark Winheld, author of “Open the Sky”-The Story of Missionary Pilot Dwayne King


“Lorraine Taylor is an inspirational leadership instructor and coach. She has very good insight and depth of knowledge training women to become positive role models and how to move forward with strong morals and standards as ministry leaders. 

She has used effective servant hearted strategies and methods in training, mentoring and coaching me as a leader for my business and women’s ministry.

I have known Lorraine over the past two years and she has helped me to understand how to navigate my leadership skills in my women’s ministry.

My prayer is that she continues to move forward in her passion in helping others.”

Margaret Wright – co-founder for ‘The Woman’s Butterfly Ministry’ (2018)



“Lorraine’s passionate teachings inspire me as does her honest and sincere approach. I admire how she has remained consistent in treating me with respect compassion and vulnerable care.  

Her emphasis on scriptural insights and how they can be applied practically to everyday living in promoting Christianity as a lifestyle, spur me on, to continue my own faith journey.

I felt I was the only one that had experienced divorce, conflict as a child and abusive relationships, but Lorraine’s warmth, acceptance and love helped me to become more assured and confident in whose I am as a woman in Christ. 

Lorraine’s manner in coaching, mentoring and modeling the teachings of Christ, in our one on one times, has helped me beyond what I could have imagined. 

She has assisted me in receiving clarity in better understanding of biblical truths and I have matured as a woman in my identity in Christ. 

Lorraine’s inner light shines through in her steady pace in encouraging, supporting and surrounding me with her genuine love and consecrated devotion to the Lord.

Kathleen Fialla – Former Educator  (2018)


“I am inspired and amazed at the wisdom God has gifted Lorraine with.  Her inner passion, sincerity for others, and love overflows as she speaks.  I find her content is full of thoughtful, relevant and reasoned biblical centered message.

I met Lorraine while she was visiting NC and asked her to come speak to my woman’s bible study group I have in my home and she graciously accepted. 

Her personal, honest and caring manner was clearly seen as she patiently and attentively met with my group, speaking on “Who does God say we are as woman?”  

She answered questions that we raised of the many difficulties we as woman were experiencing and I plan to stay connected with her via email and phone.

Lorraine is truly a Godly woman whose heart desires only Him and I see her exemplifying the real gospel.”

Sylvia Winters – Exercise Instructor (2018)