Living Intentionally

I welcome you to these pages where I share with you a faith-based approach in intentionally living our lives, incorporating Health & Wellness principles.


In the many struggles, difficulties, and sufferings I have experienced in own journey in moving beyond the many adverse life challenges, I have learned the art of being present in those spaces of love, dwelling in the sacred places known in the Spirit-led teachings of Christ and it was in and through His love, I was able to to overcome the long-term effects of abuse, in becoming the authentic and radically changed woman I am today.

The Hope I have obtained, has been birthed from those tough times, as they caused me to dig deeper into the spiritual things of God, bringing me to the place where I began making intentional choices towards developing a deeper spiritual practice.

I realized much of life can be lived automatically and how it became necessary for me to actively begin to plan living my faith life very much like I had planned all other areas of my life.

I now choose each day, to spend alone time with God, so I could be refreshed in this renewed living, the Spirit life He has imparted in me, and each day I choose to live with a purposed intent in seeking first the Godly Kingdom.

In discovering my need in placing my Lord as the preeminent source of all I require in this world, it was He who has made the difference in my now faith, and it was He who infused me with value, meaning and purpose in living out this earthy pilgrimage.

The hope I hold within my human frame, is this personal deep known love from my Father God’s heart to mine, where His love has been the agent whose life has been intricately imparted into mine.

This love has a name, Father God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit – they dwell as One and when we know them, we also dwell as one in the union of their fellowship, where being love is our highest calling.


Living Intentionally






If you have any needs for prayer, I will gladly intercede to our Father for His touch upon your life, that you too may come to know the One who pursues you with an everlasting and eternal love.  A love that transcends human love.  A love that stands the test of all time and a love that will remain with us, in all seasons of our lives. 

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B.S. Binghamton University – Education and Human Development
M.S. Syracuse University – Rehabilitation Counseling
Houghton College 2 years – Religious Studies/Writing

Board Certification in Dr. Lam’s Health Institute
Internationally Certified Tai Chi Instructor


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