October 28th, 2018, I will be presenting the Sunday evening message at 6:45 P.M: Canaan Evangelical Church, 457 State Street, Binghamton, NY

This is located directly behind the Colonial Plaza on W. State St.between CVS and the Plaza is an opening. The church is on the far right of the building at 457 and up the stairs. 

November 4th, 2018, I will be presenting the message in the Sunday morning service at 11:00 A.M: The Body of Christ Church, in Starrucca, PA  – 1033 West Main Street, Susquehanna, PA 18847



My heart comes alive when I am studying the Bible and when I enter into relationships where honest and open discussions can take place. I start everyday by regularly digging into God’s word, communing with God and entering into an intentional relationship in developing spiritual practices that will help direct my choices.

Each event I am invited to speak at is prayerfully considered and it is my purpose to listen, discerning what message God desires me to bring forth, making sure to craft my teachings according to biblical principles and Spirit empowerment.

My messages are illuminated with wisdom forged from over 40 years of experience modeling, teaching and instructing men, woman and children in the ways of Christ, along with the many service opportunities I have been honored to participate in.

My passion in speaking is to help people grow and mature spiritually in their lives, while guiding them in developing deeper spiritual practices, living everyday with intention while incorporating health and wellness models into their lifestyles.

I am inspired by God to instill hope in others by guiding them into receiving God’s divine love, through sound biblical teaching, holy spirit discernment and empowered living in abiding in the life source of Christ.

We can learn how to rise above our brokenness and pain and to walk forward victoriously when we center our faith lifestyles in practically applying biblical principles in our every day living and continually being spirit-filled, abiding deeply in Christ’s love.

Living Intentionally

Lorraine Taylor