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Catawba River, SC

Good Morning everyone!  Hope your weekend was relaxing and you were able to get out and enjoy it a bit! It is Monday morning and the sun is shining here in SC today!  The sun is shining everyday in SC and I am loving…

Another Saturday in SC

I am writing this post on Saturday, scheduling it to post on Sunday knowing we will be traveling an hour to Kannapolis, NC to join in worship with our church family, then having dinner with my siblings and making a trip into Concord so…

Stepping into the Path of God’s Intentions for my life

Have you ever just want to get outside even though the weather is not exactly sunny, warm, or otherwise inviting?  Well, I enjoy being outside whenever possible and today was one of those days where getting my walking in was done in the semi-wilderness….

Lost your Zip?

There is no time like now to begin an exercise program in helping to maintain your health and wellbeing. I have found it is very difficult to start something like this without some motivation, so I encourage you to google free exercise programs online…

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