Welcome to my Pages!

I live in a small village of 16,000 people, in Upstate NY, with my husband Ron, a man of deep faith, of 41 years.
I am an avid reader (who knew?) a creative experimenter with foods (try one of my recipes!) and an enthusiastic woman, who loves connecting in meaningful discussions with others! (yep, you will find me wondering round any town!)



This is my story

In struggling through the destabilizing emotions of despair, depression, anger and social anxiety, from the innocent girl I was in being abused, to becoming the authentic woman I am now, I managed to overcome what I felt was an internal hell.
As a child, I was horrifically abused by a monster named dad and it took me a lifetime in learning to leave my past behind and step into my identity as a daughter of Christ.
It seemed decades I walked around carrying a deep sense of rejection within me and feeling abnormally flawed, yet the God I came to know, still chose to use me to help others.
Over the span of 40 years, I have passionately served a diverse population and varying age groups in advocating, mentoring, disciplining, coaching and teaching Bible studies.
In the past 10 years I have been involved in supporting women affected by traumatic events — childhood abuse, partner violence, sexual abuse.
One of my approaches is in helping woman to develop deeper spiritual practices in an understanding that God’s love is a powerful agent in helping to make those necessary changes in transforming twisted thinking patterns, dysfunctional attitudes and out-of-control behaviors.
My faith-based approach incorporates health and wellness principles, inspiring hope in women that they, too, can learn to leave their pasts behind and step into their identities in Christ.

Living Intentionally

Whether you have been impacted by childhood trauma, or any other type of trauma, I want you to know, there is a way in it and through it.
I have learned it takes a purposed intention in creating and maintaining a balanced lifestyle along with nurturing spiritual practices in living beyond childhood trauma.
It is my desire in teaching practical application  of Godly principles to help guide you into understanding the ability we have when relying on Holy Spirit empowerment.
My writings integrate the Christian faith with health and wellness principles, in the hopes that you too, can learn to develop a relationship with God who becomes our source for all we need in this life in the care of our entire beings; body, soul, spirit. 
It was through Holy Spirit guidance, I found the key in releasing shame, deep-seated feelings of rejection and feeling unlovable. It was in receiving the Love from God where I encountered real love and the ability to receive this love into my whole being.
It was God’s love that made the difference in my life, and it was also His love, that made the difference in all the lives of those woman I was honored to participate with, in their journey towards wholeness.
My desire is that through the sharing in these pages, your life will be touched in such a way, you will be inspired to hope and that this spark of hope will ignite in you, a renewed passion in discovering God’s love for you personally.
We have but one life and all we have is now, this present moment, to live our faith, vibrantly, completely, and with renewed purposed intention!
Lorraine  –  Blogger, Speaker, Coach, Mentor
Lay Minister and Community Advocate
NOTE:  My coaching services are only offered in person.


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