About Me!

I live in a small village of 16,000 people, in Upstate NY, with my husband Ron, a man of deep faith, of 41 years.

I am an avid reader (who knew?) a creative experimenter with foods (try one of my recipes!) and an enthusiastic woman, who loves connecting in meaningful discussions with others! (yep, you will find me wondering round any town!)


I am one woman, who chooses to walk out her Faith in the midst of life circumstances,  seeking to allow the Holy Spirit to weave Christ’s tapestry of love within the tattered frame of my being.

I have learned through many difficult ordeals to find my way in this world in applying faith principles, along with finding ways to respond to myself and others in healthier means, through experiencing life in various seasons; marriage, raising children, educational pursuits, various careers, church, relationships, growing older.

My passion in writing is that I hope you will walk away from reading my posts with new inspirations, words that give you hope or spiritual truths to increase your passion in knowing God.

Much of my writings have been birthed from enduring many adversities, (childhood trauma, death of a son, health crisis), and in them all, I have discovered; God is in the sorrows and God is in the joys.

I am learning it takes thoughtful consideration and purposed intention in creating and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.  Each day I reflect on how I can be an honorable steward, representing God with my entire body; spiritual, physical and mental.

In the past several years, due to recovering from my own sudden and total body breakdown, I have been engaged in researching the field of health and wellness  as it relates to living out my faith life.

I seek to integrate what I have learned throughout these articles in helping you to begin thinking about practicing a balanced wholesome lifestyle.

I will be interconnecting our life of faith and how it is integrally related in caring for our whole bodies and how it becomes necessary we assess and evaluate whether we need to make changes towards implementing healthier lifestyles.

It is my desire in sharing practical application of Godly principles, along with wellness articles, and the sharing of recipes, that you too, can learn to incorporate soulful living as a person of faith, in considering the care of  your entire body; soul, mind, physical. 

May the stories I share on these pages, touch your life in such a way, that you gain something of value to take with you for this day, that will help you live towards becoming  the best possible version of your self, in creating and maintaining a balanced lifestyle, in making a difference with the life God has gifted to you!

Also, I would love to hear any of your responses, thoughts, or simple replies after you finish reading something I have shared, in the hopes that together we can build a community of supportive readers, helping to encourage one another in this path called life.




NOTE: Ok, having to ask you to be patient with me as my site is continually evolving in having only begun my blogging journey in February of 2017!

Since I am not a techy person, discovering how to use WordPress has been quite a feat, where some days I learn a bit more than others, depending on how much time I have to spend and other days not so much! A bit complicated, but I am finding my way through it!



B.S. in Human Development from Binghamton University

M.S. from Syracuse University in Rehabilitation Counseling.

2 years of educational credits from Houghton College in Religious Studies/Writing 


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