Living from Spirit-empowerment

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

Learn to be God-conscious vs self-conscious by shifting your focus from dwelling on your own internal issues, circumstances and problems onto the Word and the One who is able to hold you in His arms of grace.

Turn your attentions to God in the midst of your day, meditating on a verse, praying, interceding and becoming aware of the Spirit’s activity in you during all that you will be doing today.

God’s Spirit is the supernatural entity who works in our thoughts and hearts exchanging them from human limited ways to Spirit-empowered, Spirit-anointed ways of being.

This is the Hope we have been given in a world filled with pain and sorrow. The hope of new life being renewed and refreshed in us moment by moment, day by day when we abide in the grace of God’s Spirit who provides everything we need to live out our faith life.

Hope is needed as we encounter the suffering in our lives and in those we minister and serve. Having an inner attitude that God in us is All sufficient and He is Enough stems from this supernatural ability placed in us by the person of the holy spirit.

We have been gifted all we require to live as Godly men and woman, stepping into our Christ identity and letting go of our self identity.

Letting go of pleasing people, seeking approval through people and finding acceptance through people is necessary as these types of finding satisfaction seeking, will only give temporary relief.  They will bring death to our souls.

Seeking the Holy One, whose name is Jesus, who becomes our source of freshly flowing rivers of living waters, continually refreshes and renewing our spirits in His.

This life of the son of God who dwells and resides in us fully completes and fully satisfies our longing as no human is able.

Jesus is the One who births love, mercy and grace into our hearts, knitting His character, His traits, His attributes, and His love intricately into every fabric of whom we are becoming.

Jesus is the Only source who is able to complete us and fulfill us and place inside us contentment, peace and joy.

Satisfaction is known when we step into our God-given identities, turning our affections towards Him, believing and trusting in the promises in His word.

In this life we enter the continual process in turning our thoughts towards Him, abiding and living in and from His supernatural Spirit.

The Truth of who God is, the Truth of who we are in Him, trumphs our feelings, our circumstances and our emotional responses to life.

When we are faced with challenges, it is the Word of God and the grace of His Spirit who gives us the ability to endure and weather trials and difficulties.

God-conscious living grants to us power, grounding, steadiness, assurance and strength as it is His ability living in and through us.

Live today tuned vertically in focusing in your heavenly Father’s grace which is always available and always accessible to us, is always unlimited to us, His sons and daughters!

The truth is, we have been given all we need to live this faith life. We must appropriate the fullness of God through belief, faith and trust in the One who has overcome all and given us new life.

Then we must walk in it, continually remaining in the Spirit-anointing, Spirit-empowered, Spirit-filled ways of being.

Live from the Spirit’s empowerment today as this is where our strength is found. This is where our Hope lies.

Our life source is ignited in the streams of the Spirit flowing through us as we abide, rest, and remain in this near communion of presence we have been gifted with from our most Holy, High God!


Living Intentionally


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