Fall pictures

Here are some pictures of my Mums that are out front with some early morning frost on them.

The pictures below are from our yard too.  The third one over is a sample of a branch on our Dappled Willow Tree I planted a couple of years ago and it is now almost 8 feet high!

The following are pictures are from my walk in our neighborhood. I soaked in the bright sunshine and strolled briskly in the cooler weather, but it was actually pretty nice out today as I dressed for it.

I love walking and getting out into the fresh air, grabbing a bit of exercise before I have to begin my project for today, which is putting together material for a woman of faith workshop I am conducting in December of this year.

Beauty is all around us all we have to do is open our hearts and spirits and be aware of it.  Taking care of ourselves in making sure we get a bit of exercise daily is helping to maintain our health and wellness.  Many diseases can be prevented in the ways we manage stress, attend to our nutritional needs and remain mindful of moving around to circulate our bodily systems to help rid it of toxins and circulate oxygen, blood and nutrients.



The third picture from the left on the bottom row is some sort of berry tree and the berry I am holding in my hand is a picture of one that is dried now.  If anyone knows what it is, please comment in the ‘Penny for your thoughts’ section at the bottom of this post.



There is just something majestic about willow trees!  I could stand and stare at them for a long time and just soak in their beauty and stateliness.



Thank you for stopping by and visiting my site. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of this Fall season.


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