An encouraging word for this Monday morning!

God has given us everything we need to live this faith life!


2 Peter 1: 3 “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”

It is Monday morning here in the Northeast US and the sun is shining brightly today. It is a bit chilly, but I am planning to don a warm jacket, scarf, perhaps mittens and head out for a brisk walk to reflect and consider the ways of God.

I am thankful for another day to rise and give God Glory for all He is doing and all He will do.  I am grateful that He is in my life, that He encourages, supports and gives me a continual assurance and confidence that He is with me every step of my days.

There is NO limit to what God can accomplish to one who surrenders their desires, wants, and passions to the reign of the Holy Spirit to be who rules their inner realm.

God is moving ALL the time as He never rests or wearies. He continually is at work transforming us nearer to His image of love.

This faith life is all about Jesus and living an other-centered lifestyle being motivated in sincerity and genuineness towards others as God fills us with His compassionate, caring, authentic spirit of embracive love.

Letting go is part of the Process 

Learning to let go of all that is self, all that is me, all that is of the flesh and step into the Grace God provides and a grace that is always accessible and available for each moment we are gifted this precious life, is my responsibility and role as a Christian.

God’s grace gives us ability in His power, in His strength, in His wisdom to accomplish His purposes and intentions in our lives.

There is nothing, no one, no entity, no force and no other power that can thwart God’s will in our lives except our own self and our own disobedience to His call upon our lives.

We are the only ones who hinder God’s Spirit moving in us when we hold onto unforgiveness, resentments, bitterness and carry grudges against another.

When we harbor un pure thoughts, wrong attitudes and become insincerely motivated in service, God’s glory is not going to be who is manifested.

When we carry a superior attitude, believe we are better than another and disregard and devalue others, we are hindering God’s Spirit who is love from manifesting His goodness and grace in our lives.

Spirit-empowered abiding

It is by faith we live by the empowerment of God’s grace and not our own. It is God’s ability in us who is wisdom, who is our strength and whose life is our source for all we need, want or desire in this life.

God’s is our source who fully provides and fully equips us for the calling upon our lives and He will complete the work in us until He calls us home as it is His work in us and not our own.

If we are failing to pray and seek God’s vision as an individual and as a body, but instead are following our own methods, designs and plans, God will not bless our self efforts or self righteous works as they are all rubbish and of no regard in His kingdom.

When we have idols in our hearts and seek anything, anyone or other sources as our source for life, we are hindering God’s Spirit from working His will in and through us to further His kingdom.

When we hold onto unhealthy habits thinking its ok, thinking we have no ability to overcome (as we can’t in our own, it is only in God’s ability we overcome) we are hindering God’s activity from moving in powerful ways in our midst.

God is a jealous God and we are either in Him, or not. We cannot serve both man and God.

I am with God, or I am not

We either give ourselves entirely to living Kingdom values, Kingdom morals and Kingdom ways, or we are giving ourselves to the ways of the world which is against God.

In God’s sovereign power, He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we either think or can imagine according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus.

If I am professing to be a believer in Christ, if I say I am a follower of Christ, and if I profess to be a disciple of Christ, then all my choices dictate my actions and service in living a lifestyle that is pleasing to Him.

If I am dedicated and consecrated to the True Living God, then my conscious will not be compromised according to what other people think or what their opinions are.

My choices will align with God’s word, abiding in His Spirit who will lead me in the ways of His truth, His ways and His all encompassing mercy, grace and love.

My choices will draw me nearer in relationship to God the Father, Jesus the son and the person of the Holy Spirit where I am becoming One with them, in thoughts, deeds and service and in the highest calling upon my life to be in a holy union with this Godhead of love.

The fruits of the Spirit are manifested in our lives each time we give up our own ways and step into His ways, doing what we know is the right thing to do, living and serving in obedience to the One true living God.

How we treat others matters

How we treat others matters. How we enter into conversations with one another matters. How we deal with relationships matter. How we protect ourselves in having appropriate boundaries matters.

Who we are becoming on our insides is what matters to God; whether we are walking on the narrow path that leads to redemption in the forward moving in His Spirit-anointing, walking in a right attitude in purely loving everyone, regardless of whether they know God or not.

When I pass from this life to my eternal dwelling place, all options are closed, all opportunities are gone and all I will have is the spiritual maturity and fruits I allowed Him to birth through my spirit, through my life while on earth. 

When I stand before God, He will ask if I have done what He has called me to do, which He has stated in His Word, that love is the greatest gift and the highest calling upon my life. There will be no excuses, no explanations, and there will be no reasons I can give to why I failed to walk in the union of love and fellowship with Jesus and with my fellow humans.

God is Love

The greatest commandment according to Jesus is found in the book of Matthew, to love God with all that you are. “And He said to him, “ ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and foremost commandment,” (Matthew 22:37-38).

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. The second is this: Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.”  Mark 12:30-31

The measure of my life is if I am becoming as 1 Corinthians 13 says love is.  This is my meditation to read this scripture passage each day, praying and submitting myself to the Holy Spirit’s ability to be the changed needed in my heart in developing a daily relationship with God and becoming His Heart of love to every man, woman and child I cross paths with in and by His grace. 

We live in the power of Christ and He has overcome every evil, every authority, every principality in earth and in the heavens and so do we when we walk in the Spirit-led, Spirit-directed, Spirit-anointed, and Spirit-empowered lifestyle, clothing ourselves in Christ’s righteousness who abides and dwells in us!


Living Intentionally



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