Lord, take my sadness and turn it into compassion…..

Lord, take my sadness and turn it into compassion. Lord take my heaviness and turn it into caring. Lord take my weariness in hearing of this world’s tragedies and turn it into Your love.

Lord, take my heart and transform it, renew it, and exchange it for Your Heart of pure love, embracive love, tender love, gentle love in order to glorify Your name!

Lord, take my desires and cause me to desire You deeper.

Lord, take my passions and cause them to burn for Your word, Your holiness and the warmth known in Your love.

Lord, take all of whom I am and cause me to stand in truth of who You are and to stand in the truth of who You say I am in You.

Lord, see my thoughts and You hold them.

Lord, see my heart that breaks for all souls, a heart that feels the pain and sorrow in the darkness of evil that exists in this world and You carry me and all who cry from anguish in death.

Lord, You are my Hope and You are the Hope of all who mourn as Your love abides still with us, Your love surrounds and fills us as You are goodness, mercy and grace.

Lord, You hold each one of us in Your embrace as You cry with us and You mourn with us as You enter into the suffering and sorrow in the hearts of the people in this world.

Lord, You know all, You see all, You hear all, and You abide in us still from sorrow to joy, from pain to relief, from life to death.

Lord, You are our only Hope for salvation from wicked and evil deeds being acted out.

Lord, Your love is our solace in times of darkness.

Lord, Your love is our solace in times of loss.

Lord, Your love is our solace in times when we are unable to continue, as You are in us, and it is Your love who causes us to know Hope is alive still.

Lord, be our solace now, in the death of those whose lives have been stolen.

Lord, be our solace and ignite the Hope of Your love in us, to remember, when we choose love over evil, change happens, one life at a time.

Lord, be our strength in this day, be our light in this hour and be in us, the love needed in a world that has turned colder than cold.

Lord, may Your love make a difference in us and may Your love be the change in hearts that are dying from the harsh winter cold that is blowing in this land.

Lord, may we, Your people, not give into evil and may we Lord, Your people, brave all that comes against us, to stand in Your courageous love that frees all from the bondage and evil that exists in this world.

Lord, may we become the Spirit of Hope, the Spirit of love, the Spirit of grace, the Spirit of mercy, the Spirit of Christ that walks in ally ways, that shines a light in the cold, that lives a love that is real, so others will know there is still Hope, as long as You are alive in us.


Living Intentionally


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