This faith life is about being God’s Heart of love

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“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

When tough times come, and they will, our first response needs to be to turn to God.  God’s love holds us, carries us and embraces us during our struggles and difficulties.

If we learn to everyday develop habits in practicing our spiritual disciplines of our faith in turning our thoughts and attentions towards God, abiding in His fullness, desiring Him, He grants to us a continual filling with a supernatural empowerment in the Spirit to walk this road called faith.

Learning to be sensitive to His Holy Spirit, listening and soaking in the rich spiritual truths He leads us in, this will aid us in being a discerning people who use Godly wisdom in our relationships, in our service and in our everyday activities.

Our most holy calling is to be in near fellowship and union with our God, spending time in Him, communing, being with Him, soaking in His fullness each day. It is out of this relationship His Spirit flows in and through us, touching others with the sincere genuine love from our Father’s heart.

It is not a matter of what we do, but it becomes a matter of importance that what we do is being motivated and directed through God’s vision of love. If we are about our Father’s business, who we are becoming will more nearly represent His authentic care, compassion, tenderness, gentleness and abiding love flowing through in and us as surrendered beings.

It is the love of our Father’s Spirit who becomes compassion, caring, merciful, forgiving and always willing to extend a hand of love towards others in our world, those we meet along life’s path, when we step back from fleshly ways and step into God’s grace provided in responding in a loving manner with those we encounter in this journey.

When we continue abiding in this near intertwining union of God’s Spirit in ours, we are growing and maturing as the true Son’s and Daughters of our Father, whose hearts align in this most holy mission of being His heart of love upon this earth.

Love is the greatest gift given to us by our Father and love is the greatest gift we can offer to others as a fragrance of God’s heart moving through ours to reach others so that they will know He lives!

And in knowing He lives, they will be touched by the pure unadulterated love from our Father who flows through us, that heals all wounds, sets the captives free, ushers us into a new found liberty and brings to an expected end the joining of humans to the divine nature of His son, Jesus Christ.


Living Intentionally


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