Beat the Winter ills with these homemade immune enhancers!



I have been mixing up this remedy over the past month ever since I came down with an early respiratory illness that was going around.  After getting home from a week in the Adirondack Mountains, I caught a chill and of course came down with a cold.

So, here I am again, mixing up my concoction so as not to run out.  I use ingredients I know are grown organically along with not containing any GMO’s. I buy from our local Regional Farmers Market, which I will be going tomorrow to stock up on this wonderful Elephant Garlic and Raw Honey.

I did manage to plant my own beds of Garlic this year as I finally went out one day and dug up some ground, mixing the dirt with some horse manure and planted as directed by instructions I googled.

What I do first is to get my glass jar out that I will be using to store this delicious immune enhancer in.  I then peel the garlic and using a garlic press, mince it into the jar. Next I scoop out both the light and dark honey with a wooden spoon so as not to contaminate the beneficial good bacteria in these products. I also use a plastic spoon in which to eat the finished product throughout the day.

Next, I mix it all together, then add in the cayenne peppers I have chopped into very small dustings and add these to the mixture, and stir well.  I then add the lemon juice last, about 1 TBS, making sure I mix it all together well.

Now it will be ready for the next few days for me to consume!  I am already feeling the lessening of my cold in just taking this product over the last two days.

I always think prevention is the best route to take, but if and when you become stricken with some illness, these remedies can help shorten your sickness and restore your health quicker than doing nothing at all!

Here is the amount of cayenne peppers I use.  What I do is cut them in tiny pieces, put in my mixture and taste to make sure I don’t put in too strong of a batch.



Beets are usually plentiful this time of year and I have quite a few quart bags of frozen blueberries we picked last year to use for smoothies.

Here are some articles I have written in the past you might be interested in checking out for this Winter season in trying to prevent the flu and other viruses that are prevalent in this season.


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Smoothie – Beets & Blueberries

Kimchi – My homemade version

Homemade Immunity Tea

Raw Honey and Lemon Immune Enhancer

Tai Chi – 20 Benefits of developing this form of movement exercise as a regular practice……


Hope you enjoy viewing the above recipes and experimenting with your own batches of health and wellness remedies this season!  Just takes a little planning and time and you have your own supply and resources handy. 


Living Intentionally


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