Would we crucify Jesus if He came today?


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There is a worldly influence in our faith circles. When we puff up or give inordinate attention to other Christians, leaders, pastors, lay persons, to the point of idolizing as if they are some superior spiritual person, we are doing just that, idolizing.

Christian celebrities are thought of as being more spiritual, better than, superior even then normal everyday ordinary persons simply going about their days living out their faith as they are led by the same Spirit of God.

We all have the same access to God’s power, to God’s wisdom, to God’s ability as anyone else. Those who are more public or more televised, or more videotaped are not more than or better than in God’s eyes as in His kingdom, we all have he same value and we are all loved in the same way, as His love is not like human love at all.

There are some who think there is a hierarchy in mainstream churches. Have you ever read the Bible?

The Bible says we are all One body, having different gifts, but gifts that have been given to benefit the entire body. The Bible says that as the body of Christ, we are likened to the human body, where arms, legs, hands and fingers all have different functions, but they are all necessary pieces of the body in order for it to work properly.  No one part is more or less important than another. They all are necessary in order for the body to carry out varying functions.

So it is in the body of Christ. We are ALL valued. Those with tiles are no more or no less important or valued in God’s eyes.

They may be deemed so in people’s perspective, but then they are viewing them through human ways, not God’s ways.

Titles are to distinguish roles not to impart being of more significance or being superior or better than anyone else. This is not how God loves, for God’s love values everyone, not for what they can or cannot do, but simply because they are.

The Bible says the greatest gift is love and the highest fruit to be desired is love. Over and over we are told we can have many gifts but if we are lacking love, then we are as clanging symbols and we clash instead of unite.

Love is not some mushy, super feeling or emotion. Love sustains. Love has boundaries. Love has accountability. Love has responsibility. Love is action. Love is shown, not spoken. Love is who we are becoming, not what we do.  Love requires surrending to my way. Love calls me to give up self and fleshly ways of being. Love is a lifestyle of other-centered living.

Being love is who God desires us to beome and when we separate and divide and value based on who someone is, or what their title is, or what they do, then we are not loving as God loves.

We are separating into an ‘us’ and ‘them’ category and not abiding in the principles God set as a standard of conduct in how we are to treat all with the same love He has given to us.

That is how the world loves and values people, based on what they do, what title they have, what status they have and where they fall on the socioeconomic level.

In the world economy, If you have, then you are important. If you have a more responsible job, then you are viewed as more important, more necessary.

In the world’s standard, if you are white, then you are in the higher class who has more opportunity. If you are white you are listened to more, more respected and given access and entry into having a higher advantage to thrive.

In the world if you have money, if you have a nice house, if you have a newer car, if you have material possessions, if you have expensive clothes, you are viewed as more worthy and are catered to and are invited to more events and seen as better than.

So, if we are using worldly standards of this type of loving, accepting, and appreciating of others inside our faith circles, then are we not following the ways of the world?


Does not the Bible call us out to be separate? Are we not told to be distinctive? Does not Jesus say to follow Him?

In fact, Jesus was seen as that man who came from Nazareth and does anything good come from Nazareth?

He did not own a home, did not have fancy clothes, did not belong to the system of religious institutions of His days. Nor would He join in the ways church is being formulated and implemented today.

In fact, God never said to build a church building, He said to BE THE CHURCH.

This is distinctive from what the majority of Christians are doing in belonging to a system of religion, buying into a form of religion and having to become a member of a denomination, which I see as only dividing people and not uniting due to doctrine, beliefs and ways churches form their own culture.

What happened to conforming to God’s Kingdom culture?

I wonder what Jesus would say about how denominations are dividing instead of uniting. I wonder what Jesus would say about how denominations are infighting amongst themselves due to arguing over different beliefs and whether they are scriptural or not?

I wonder what Jesus would say about all the fighting and arguing about doctrine, about church rules, about what is being done with church funds, about how people are having to conform to a certain way to dress, about how people have to conform to the way a church prays, or worships and how people are often plied to give to support all the functions of the church, and I wonder what Jesus would say about the commercialism of mainstream churches?

Are churches designed by God? Are church members pursuing God’s design at all?

We each have a calling to pursue God and so do bodies of believers have a mission and I wonder if they are adhering to the Father’s vision of what they should be about?

I wonder how many faith fellowships/churches are adhering to God’s intentions for them vs. their own goals and pursuits of their fellowship?

Where does God’s desires come into the picture when so many are thinking their church is doing it right and others are doing it wrong.

When did we become judge and jury over others?

I am just wondering if Jesus came back today, would we recognize Him?

Jesus certainly would not be driving the latest vehicle or dressed in the latest fashion, nor would He associate with just pastors or leaders or look for approval from them as if they are more important than anyone else.

I am wondering if we would crucify Jesus all over again today, if He came against what we call church and what our response would be?

I wonder what His response would be in how we are treating one another?

I wonder what He would teach us today in regards to splits, divisive teachings, segregating according to title?

Do we recognize Jesus in one another? Are we recognizing Jesus in our religious systems today?

What are we doing when gathering together, the Father’s will, or our own?

What is our purposes for gathering, to pursue our own wants, desires and ways, or are we truly seeking the way of the Love from the One whose Spirit dwells in us and who has said that we are to Love as a priority as a motivating factor in all our relationships, in all we say and in all we are becoming.

I wonder if we would see Jesus today, if He was to walk down our streets, sit in our congregations and gather among us, what would He say as to how we are being and who we are becoming?

Are we seeking to give Him glory for all we are?  Are we seeking Him in our vocation, in our volunteer activities, in the habits we carry out, in the way we clothe our bodies, in the stewarding of our health, in our time, in our activities, in our relationships, in our endeavors, 

Are we truly entering into an intimate relationship with Jesus day-by-day being His Heart of love upon this earth?  Are we coming to Him and allowing His to be who forms, molds and conforms us to His ways, which is the way of being Love?

What happened to Jesus in our churches and how did we stray so far from gospel centered lifestyles and being God’s Heart in serving the poor, caring for widows, and loving our neighbor as ourself?

Would we crucify Jesus all over again if He came today?


Living Intentionally



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