Habits that create openings for God’s Spirit..….



I begin my day in the same manner I end my day, shutting off all that calls to me, all that distracts and all that bothers and center my body, soul and spirit in the One whose embracing love holds me steady.
Early mornings become times of scheduled communing with God who I allow to lead and guide me in these sacred spaces with Him. It is He who enlightens the truths of scriptures giving me spiritual understanding. It is He who empowers me, filling me with His ability each day. It is He who leads me in prayer. It is He who sustains the very breath I breathe.

So my day’s end  I do not look into any devices/TV’s and shut down any distractions or hinderances in order to create an environment conducive for relaxing calm whereby I am able to enter into the atmosphere where God’s Spirit resides inside my spirit.

I often lie down in the dark listening to spiritual music, unwinding from my day, and untangling myself from all the emotions I encountered in my journey and all the needs of those I met.
Sometimes I will put on an audio teaching, lie down, close my eyes and center my body, soul and spirit in the spiritual truths of what is being said, soaking in the richness of the Spirit in me.
Spending time with God in the beginning and at the end of each day grounds me in Him and redirects my focus where my thoughts and heart will continually be upon Him and His desires for my life.

Letting go of all that is unnecessary and entering into the One whose source of life in me becomes the Only necessary source, I could want, need or desire for all of life.

These habits enable me to be continual Spirit-filled, Spirit-directed where my attentions are in Him as I go about my everyday living out of my Faith and when I finish my days tasks and endeavors at the end of each day, coming to Him to let go of it all become integral faith patterns I have developed in helping to maintain an intimate and personal relationship  with the true Living God.


Living Intentionally





relationship with the true Living God.

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