The Pace of Life

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We all have a pace and rhythm to our life and a sense of routine.  Some of my early morning routines are as follows.

Rising each day to put on the coffee.  Reading scriptures, thoughtfully praying, and being alone with God.  Taking a quiet stroll to reflect and consider God.

I begin each day with intention.  Purposed with those activities and endeavors I have carefully planned the previous night, or quite awhile ago. Scheduling gatherings with others, activities with my husband, corporate prayer, worship and fellowship are normal events I engage in quite regularly.

Spending time away is also important to recharge and energize one’s body, soul and spirit. These respite of sorts become crucial and important spaces I have come to cherish as vital times that aid in new directions, give guidance to my now, and ones where I am spending quality alone time with my husband of 41 years.

Pacing our daily tasks, endeavors, work, volunteer activities, and hobbies become crucial to incorporate into our lifestyles balanced living. Our society has become one where people barely have time to breathe and to rest from activities, needy people and endless meetings.

I have chosen the less traveled path. One where I am listening and attenuating my spirit to the Holy Spirit within me, who has become my guiding source and the One whom I am ever attentive to hearing. It is the Holy Spirit whom I am allowing to be in control, ruling my inner realm.

In being Spirit-filled and Spirit-directed, the voice of God grants me a holy discernment and wisdom that incorporating health and wellness into my everyday ordinary lifestyle has challenged me in the stewardship of my body, soul and spirit.

Stewarding my health and wellness becomes key in maintaining a lifestyle that has scheduled and purposed rests in it. I am unable to care for the many persons God has placed in my life if I am over-scheduled, running around all the time, and fail in taking care of the temple of God.

If my physical health declines due to the stress of living, then my mental health will be affected.

I have deliberately chosen to not engage in a normal 9-5 job and this has affected income and health benefits.  Acquiring money or accumulating wealth is not a priority with me and I have been fortunate to have a husband who used to have a job requiring him to be out of the home 9 hours a day.

Due to him losing his job almost 2 years ago, He is now by my side in ministry, service and living a lifestyle we together have chosen to live, one of serving beyond ourselves in other centered living.

As a lay minister, I preach, teach the bible, pray with and for others, and help to provide much-needed resources for those in need.

Although much of what I do is done with no monetary benefit, the inner rewards certainly outweigh a hectic faced paced lifestyle.

Our lifestyle is such we have time to spend during the day to walk together, to engage in visitation to encourage, support and edify others in need.  We serve separately, but also as a couple ministering to other couples, engaging with those on our walks, and entering into the nurturing of relationships with those in our community.

What becomes important and what becomes less important as we age are those choices and decisions we make to create a life that gives meaning and purpose beyond working in a traditional work environment.

Our lives have become enriched and enhanced in our choices to follow the call of God which is not necessarily one filled with material rewards, but rather one that richly enhances who we are becoming as people.

Our pace is less hectic, we are not in a hurry, nor do we commit ourselves to things we are not able to adequately follow through with.

We have determined our limits and available resources in what we can reasonably take on and have made decisions based on where God is leading us and whom He has placed in our lives to nurture relationships with.

There are always alternatives to make money in non traditional ways and when we seek to develop healthy lifestyles, one where God is the head and ones where we desire only Him, the provisions He brings are adequate and He becomes enough.

My soul is satisfied in the service I have been called and chosen to pursue as I have been rewarded with an internal contentment, peace and joy, even in the midst of great trial, pain and suffering.

Choosing wisely our endeavors, activities, hobbies and relationships become critical ingredients in making decisions that will impact us in either bad ways or good ways.

The life I have chosen is one where my relationship with God has become central and of highest priority.

My mornings have become full of spending time alone in His presence, following the Spirit as He leads me to pray or meditatively read and consider the scriptures or to enter into a time of thanksgiving and praise.

My eagerness and anticipation to be with God each day I rise is overflowing in His Spirit who sustains my life and breathes His breath into mine, resurrecting the life of the Son of God within me, who becomes my life source for all I could possibly need, want or desire.

Pacing becomes integrally related to my nurturing my spirituality above anything else, for I have realized it is the divinity of the Christ Spirit within me who fills me with His tender compassion, His merciful heart and His abiding deep love to give to others.

I have nothing of my own to give to others to provide them with any sort of substance that is able to sustain them through the difficulties of life other than the Holy Spirit who gifts to us new life and life that is abundantly graced with the Presence of the most Holy God.

It is the Holy Spirit’s life who flows out from me touching the hearts of men, woman and children in the intimate love our Father has for them.  When I am transparent in allowing the Spirit life to be who is manifested through mine, I am becoming nearer to being God’s Heart of love in this world and this is my desire.

Whether you are engaged in traditional work, a stay at home parent, caring for aged ones, or whether you are in some sort of ministry, the choices we make today determine what type of lifestyle we enter into in the time allotted to each one of us.

Create space to make time to be alone with God as He is the one who gives us strength and who lifts our souls in times of adversity and He is the One who gives us meaning and purpose beyond anything this world offers.

Make time to nurture your personal relationship with the God as He is the One who gives us rest for our weary souls and He is the One whose Spirit abides deeply inside us.

All we have is now.

All we have is this one moment as life is not promised beyond that, so live your life to the fullest potential of the God Spirit who is in you, being who He has chosen and called you to become, His offering of love towards all those we encounter in this most holy pilgrimage.


Living Intentionally





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