God is enough!



When we experience God is enough, we can endure any life challenge as His love becomes our solace. He satisfies our deepest desires and He enters into our suffering, our joys, and all our experiences as humans becoming spiritual beings in our tattered frame.

God is enough in the good times and in the dark times. God is enough in the plenty and in the scarcity.

God is enough in all seasons of our lives, for His divine fullness expresses His greatest desires, His gift of love.

We become His expression of love when we abide in His abiding and all encompassing grace, mercy and forgiveness as a lifestyle.

It is the Christ Spirit in us, who becomes compassion, understanding, offering empathy and mercy to all.

It is He in us, where we are His fragrant breath of life in others, where we shine His light of pure unadulterated love embracing everyone we encounter.

When others meet us, they meet the Christ who flows through us in a never ending supply of His fullness, majesty, wonder and love.

What love is this that Jesus died a brutalized death on the cross so that we might know Him personally, intimately, nearly, as our Savior, friend and dearest companion.

There is no wanting in God. There is no lack in God. There is no wondering about love for we meet the One whose love stands the test of all time and His love steadies us, fulfills us, and leads us into the truth of who we are becoming.

In God we become complete, whole, and fully satisfied! There is no other who offers such a revelation of love. There is no other who reveals such near caring, such dear grace, such ultimate love as Jesus.

I know without a doubt, that Jesus is real and He calls me to a higher standard of being, a higher calling to be this love, a deeper understanding of who this love is and how this love manifests in my day to day ordinary living.

I have no other desire but to be in Him all the days of my life and there is no one or anything that can take me from His embrace.

I abide, dwell, enter into this intimate love daily, moment by moment in a near reality of His presence, who draws me closer to His bosom of pure love.

When I am with the One whose true love brings freedom and liberty, there is no want in my soul. There is no need in my desire. There is no place I want to be, other than in His fullness.

God in me, I in God and we are eternally intertwined in the unity of the Spiritual kingdom. He is all! He is everything!

God manifests and expresses His love in and through my consecrated devotion to His, to centering all of whom He has created met to become in Him. There is no other entity, no other God who fills us with such bliss, such contentment, such peace.

Living Intentionally





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