Life is full of many things, but it is the relationships we build in connecting to others that enhances who we become as a person.

Authenticity is a sign of braveness, courage and vulnerability being lived out in the ordinariness of our days. The ability to be honest, truthful and sincere is a rare treasure to discover in people today.

Authenticity is being who I say I am, inside and out. Authenticity is being able to hold conflicting emotions in the midst of my humanity and remain truthful to whom I am becoming.

Authenticity is not allowing others to bully or pressure me into conforming to their opinions or ways of being.

Authenticity is having the inner strength, the assurance and confidence in oneself to take a stand on issues and having sound beliefs.

Authenticity is not being one way with certain people and another way in other situations.

Authenticity means I am the same character and exhibit the same traits no matter whom I am with or what circumstance I find myself in.

Authenticity is possible when having the Spirit of Christ within, for it is His love who fills me with the type of strength, assurance and confidence necessary to walk in faith.

Authenticity in walking, talking and breathing the gospel in the midst of human suffering, in the known pain of adversity, and in the difficulties found in life is that I enter into another’s hardship with the same compassion and caring love Christ gives to me.

Authenticity is being present in the flux of life in the sorrows and in the joys, speaking truth, gentleness, kindness, or just being present with another where I become the silent expression of gestures where no words are necessary.

Authenticity is the realization we all fail, we all falter and we all error at times, for we all share in our humanness.

Authenticity is having the ability to rise in our weaknesses, putting on the garments of our salvation, clothing our inner persons in the divinity of the Christ nature, where our lives become a holy balm of healing to those hurting in this world.

Authenticity lived in today’s world requires that I heed the higher calling of Christ to love above all and that the type of love necessary is His love, a Holy love, a pure Love, and a love unadulterated, untainted by human touch.

It is this love who calls me each day to be an authentic expression of His life in mine to all those I encounter.

It is this deep abiding intimate love of my Father God who bears witness in my life in manifesting His greatest gift to us, His love.

It is His love who changes my human heart, exchanging it daily with God’s Divine Heart, who fills me with His ability to be this love.

The most important relationship I can seek to have is being with the Godhead of love, whose Truine life sustains my inner character in traits and attributes that show forth His genuine love in my human relationships.

This is my highest calling, to enter into such deep communion with my God, where day by day, I am again filled with His fullness, and again renewed in His Spirit of mercy and grace.

When I am walking in the filling of God’s Holiness, remaining attentive to the Spirit’s leading, I am being His authentic love and He is becoming the true living God resurrecting spiritual life in me and to all those I encounter.


Living Intentionally


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