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“Faithful people have been looking for the kingdom for many millennia and have been disappointed. Jesus said to look within.

And he said that we should do it. instead of waiting around, we can display awakening in our lives, churches, and communities.

We cannot bring the kingdom with this awakening, nor can we awake Isaiah’s ancient promise come true in Isa. 2:2-4.

But we can embody some of its ideals and precepts more fully in this world.

We can love God and neighbor better. Every spiritual awakening seeks to make visible, even if only in some incomplete way, God’s dream for creation.

And each has succeeded in some way in doing so, as awakenings have resulted in greater compassion and equality in history.

Jonathan Edwards imagined each awakening as ripples in the pool of history; throw a pebble in the water and each successive moves farther and farther toward the shore.

This awakening will not be the last in human history, but it is our awakening. It is up to us to move the Spirit instead of against it, to participate in making our world more humane, just, and loving.”   Diana Butler Bass “Christianity After Religion” (pg. 269)

Spiritual awakening is moving upon the earth and in any sort of movement of God, it brings with it, waves of change. Change in whom we are on our insides, change in how we relate to others and change in the way we do ‘church’.

Being the change needed in our own lives, in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our communities, in our churches and in our part of the world does make a difference in who we are becoming as a society.

One person can and does make a difference if they remain focused on moving with the Spirit and participating in what God is doing right where they are.

This takes daily practice of our spirituality in: prayer, intimate communion with God, meditatively reading scriptures, worshiping God in spirit and song, and centering our lifestyles in our devotion to His ways.

This takes daily surrender, daily submission, daily choosing to step back from fleshly ways of relating and learning to step into God’s full provision of grace whereby His love becomes manifested in all we think, say and do.

It is the Life of the Son of God in us whose ability is always available, always accessible and always granted to us in this moment by moment faith-walk.

Change happens one person at a time and it begins with us as an individual.

If we become the change needed in being God’s Heart walking in this world, being the true gospel Christ taught, we will be as a people those who do what they say, exemplifying the radical call upon our lives to be love to all.

Love is the agent of change and it is love that transforms our own inner realm and it is this love that touches all those we encounter in this pilgrimage called faith.

The love of God only comes from the Spirit who has been intricately infused into the fabric of our humanity.

The Spirit of Christ in all of the fullness of the Triune Godhead has been imparted into us and we become carriers to all we meet of this divine nature of God.

When we learn to walk in the Spirit filled, Spirit directed, and Spirit way of being in adhering to the ways of God in all our manners we become the beacon of light shedding His mercy, grace, forgiveness as a way of being, as a way of relating, as a way of truth.

The word transforms by the revelation of the Holy Spirit who illuminates spiritual truths, filling us with God’s ability to walk in faith and it is the Spirit who imparts these insights deeply within us, awakening the core of whom we are becoming.

When our love becomes a genuine manifestation of the Spirit of God within us, and the fruits of our hearts flow with authentic sincerity for all humans, we are spreading the kingdom of God that is here and is rising among us.

The kingdom of God rules and reigns when we step into the resurrected life imparted into us and walk, talk, and breathe out this life to every person we meet in our spiritual journey.

We do fail, we will stumble, and we will fall, for we are but human. Yet, we rise each day and begin again.

We realize our errors and faults and continue our journey in clothing our inner being with the majesty, glory and power of the God in us, allowing His ability to become strength in our weakness.

God in us will never fail, for He remains faithful and true in staying the course of pursuing us and calling us each day to His bosom of love.

God’s ways are the way of change and His ways are loving, merciful, just and true.

It is impossible to do this Christian faith lifestyle in being loving without relying on the empowerment of God’s Holy Spirit in us, who leads, guides, grants wisdom, gives discernment, and imparts within us God’s compassion, care, and pure love to offer to all those we meet in life’s path.

Love is the transformation needed in relationships, in families, in our communities and in our world. Love blossoms and is released every place we step when we rise above our human tendencies and put on the garments of the righteousness of Christ who dwells among us.

When we learn to truly work together, dropping denominational divides, letting go of wanting things our own way, seeking to gather around the Lord’s table in a common vision of following after the Heart of God in His desires we become this radical love the gospel calls us to become, inside and out.

We are becoming the change needed in our world when in our own need, in our own helplessness, in our own inability, we learn to place total dependence and reliance on the life of the son of God in us, to be this love that is necessary to transform us into His Hearts gracing others in His merciful ways of being.

Love is a choice.

When we intentionally and with purpose, choose the Christ way of being in all our relational interactions, the fullness of God will be manifested in our hearts, in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our communities, in our churches and in our world.

When we learn to rely and stand in the Christ Spirit whose resurrected power has been infused into our spirit, His love will be known as the transformative agent who ignites us in His Holy Fire, changing us to become nearer to His likeness day by day.


Living Intentionally



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