It makes a difference what you feed your body!



When  you arrive home with an abundance of produce you know has not been sprayed or fertilized with any pesticides or chemicals, you feel a sort of pride in knowing you are taking care of your body, soul and spirit.

Whole foods that are sourced without any GMO’s or chemicals add beneficial nutrients, vitamins and minerals to our diets. Our soil is depleted of the natural substances required for our foods to contain and retain all the required nutrients our bodies need to grow and develop as humans.  So, anything I can do to purchase fresh, Non-GMO, Organic products, will be done.

The following are what I purchased today at our local farmers market; purple/red potatoes, eggplant, purple/yellow onions, winter squash, garlic and yes, cayenne peppers!


I had my own journey from lost health to restored health and the way I found myself living as I am now, from where I was a few years ago, is a dramatic and radical improvement.

Some day I will take the time to share with you my own journey from lost health and how I had thought I would end up in the care of a nursing home due to not being able to take care of myself, let alone my husband.

Today, I am a walking miracle with a heart known gratitude to God for His mercy in restoring my health and well-being. It is my strong belief and experience, one of the ways to my own restoration of health and wellness was as a result of changing the type of foods I consumed, along with the sorts of products I purchased.

It was a long, painful, frustrating and disheartening road I had to walk, but I did, not expecting any change, not expecting to improve and definitely never anticipating the life I have been gifted in whom I have become in my now.

I am not one to ‘claim’ healing or make ‘demands’ of God, as some do in faith circles, that He perform miracles upon others.

Do I pray and intercede for His hand of mercy to restore those enduring life long chronic illnesses?  Yes, I do, but when God chooses for whatever His reasons are, to not heal, I have to believe, that is His answer for the immediate present.

Will I continue interceding on behalf of others? Yes, but I would never make them feel ‘unworthy’ or ‘less’ than because they must live with some sort of chronic condition as it is my role to love, no matter what a person is experiencing.

I cannot understand why some people are healed while others are not, but I have come to trust God for my own journey and also trust Him when I enter into the suffering of another persons’ walk in being present with them in it.

I have learned whether I am ill, well, or somewhere in between, He remains God and He remains faithful to each one of us, regardless of any circumstance or situation we find ourselves dealing with.

I have learned to leave my doubts, my questioning and my wondering at the foot of His throne as He is in control of our lives and His ultimate plan and purposes for us will come to fruition, regardless of the present we are having to endure.  I have discovered I will not have answers to the many issues I find myself dealing with personally or with others while in this life, and I must learn to live in the ambiguity known in this life.


The above picture is some organic basil I have dried and gleaned off the stems and it is nicely tucked away in a non see through container for me to add a bit to my hot teas when I take a bit of a reflective break in my day.

It does not matter if you have no malady, or if you are living with some ongoing and unrelenting condition, taking our health into our own hands and using our choices to decide to eat healthier foods is a wise path to pursue.

There is strong research in how foods effect our health, so making choices to feed our bodies with Non-GMO’s, Organic and whole foods will aid in helping to maintain what health we do have and hopefully fend off any disease process that comes our way.

Even if we live as best we can, as we are human, we still succumb to diseases and conditions beyond our control. How we respond to them matters and how we live out our everyday faith lives matters too.

When we become intentional about our lifestyles, choosing to supply our bodies with required nutrients, we are stewarding the gift of life God has freely given to us and we are helping to feed our minds, organs, cells, and blood what they need in order to survive and thrive in this world.

The above picture shows you what I chose to have for dinner tonight.  I baked this Organically grown chicken and beets in our toaster oven. (as our main oven broke a couple months ago and we have not replaced it yet. To do so requires major renovations as we have a vent less oven and we would have to construct a way to vent a stove in order to buy a new one, so for now, our large toaster oven has become the way I cook and it handles everything just fine!)

There is a definite hardiness and exploding flavor in foods that have been grown the way God designed them to and I notice it every time I bite into the delicious culinary taste of these foods!

Know this, no matter what you are experiencing, God loves you, He has promised to never leave you and His mercy and grace is available each day in which to draw an inner strength from to persevere in any life challenge.

Scriptures say our lives would never be easy and we would have trials, tribulations and all sorts of difficulties, but it is when they come, where we find solace matters.

Our source of strength to whether any challenge has been infused and ingrained into our flesh weakness and His name is the Holy Spirit.

Peter told us, “Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you” (1 Peter 4:12).

Paul and Barnabas told those they ministered to, “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God” (Acts 14:22).

He is not just a God who relates to us, but he is also a God who has taken part in our suffering and suffered immensely on our behalf through the cross of Christ.  As One who knows intimately the suffering of the Cross, it is God who enters our suffering and is with us in it and He has promised to never leave or forsake us.

I hope this article has caused to you consider what you are feeding your body and to reflect on some changes you can begin to make in the types of foods you eat on a regular basis.

Share with us below any lifestyle change you have made in regards to nutrition and let us know how it has benefited you and in what ways?

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