Cabbage, Bacon, Onion Recipe you have Got to Try!

I took advantage of the dip in humidity here in the Northeast and decided to finally make this recipe my taste buds have been craving!  Have you ever craved something, but was unable to make it just yet?  Well, today was the day to do it!




Bacon – 1 pound



I have a friend who grows an abundant garden with seeds saved from generations of family owned gardening, the best type!  They are authentically Non-GMO and purely Organic and when you bite into one of his veggies, the flavors burst in your mouth and you savor the deliciousness of freshness.

I sliced this large purple cabbage in half and then only used 1/4 of it to make this dish.


I first cooked the grass-fed bacon and scooped it out using a slotted spoon, keeping the grease in the pan. I then cooked the chopped organic onion in the grease and of course it is purple too!  I took the onions out with the same slotted spoon and put in the chopped cabbage, cooking it slightly as I love it a bit crunchy and it also keeps the nutrient density with less cooking.


Just look at this color, deep, rich, and vibrant!  I can say I have not see such a lovely purple cabbage such as this one and its taste is simply decadent!


This made enough for me to snack on the entire day!  Eating a healthy portion for brunch, then I had a bit more in the late afternoon and I will probably eat the rest of it for dinner. It fully satisfied my craving for this flavor exploding dish!


You have got to try this and if you do, let me know how you liked it!


Delights from my kitchen to Yours!  Enjoy!


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