Six weeks later and its homemade Kombucha

I have been gone from home for the past 6 weeks, ministering, serving, and helping my sister a bit while in SC/NC.  I missed my own homemade Kombucha as once you get used to making your own, nothing else compares to it!

I did find a store called “Whole Foods’ which offers a wide display of Kombucha, many made in NC, but still preferring my own booch!

(I first sterilize all my products I will be using with a mixture of white vinegar and water; pan, wooden spoon, jars, and ceramic container.  This will eliminate any fungus or bad bacteria from growing while the tea ferments.)

I made up my brewed tea today by scooping a combination of 2 TBS Organic black and green loose leaf teas into a muslin tea bag, dropping them into these gallon mason jars and added hot water.  The water is finished heating when bubbles start to form on the bottom, prior to the boiling point. The water must be pure and without any chemicals including chlorine as it will contaminate the fermenting process.

I poured the hot water over the tea bags until the jars were half filled, then put a coffee filter, securing it with a rubber band around the top and let it brew 10-15 minutes.  After this time I take out the bags, squeezing any excess liquid from them and add 1 cup Organic Sugar, stirring until it is all dissolved.

I then pour filtered water until it fills to the top of these jars.



I had a friend of ours care for my SCOBY hotel while away and he has no idea what Kombucha is.  He did mention that this stuff stinks!  It does if you are not used to it, but to me it smells of richly laden nutrients, yeast and good type of bacteria our bodies need.

Anyhow, I combined the two hotels I had given him into one and you can see the growth in this picture below.


Nothing like being home again in Upstate NY where accessibility is known.  I missed my raw goat milk, homemade Kefir, and other products I could not find in the regions we were staying.

I poured both gallon jars of brewed tea into my continuous brew ceramic container.  I added the whitest SCOBY’s from my hotel as they were the new growth, along with a healthy portion of the ferment already in my hotel.

So nice to be back to my own schedule and routine and not having to live out of a duffle bag and boxes in 5 different places we stayed while in the Carolina’s.



Feel free to read my article that can be found under the recipe tab:  Kombucha brewing in Upstate NY for more detailed information on this fermented product!

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