Purposed spiritual living is a choice

Sometimes those cold hibernating seasons of difficulties can be the catalyst for growth, spurring meaning and purpose in our lives.

It is when we do not give up in the face of struggles, but rather enter into our suffering, acknowledging, accepting allowing the process of life to blossom in pained sorrow living we find strength.

When we are able to sit with our emotional responses to challenging life circumstances and learn it is not in running away, dismissing or denying hard times

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, but it is when we learn to accept both the light and dark in life, we are able to endure in weathering trials.

It is when we remain present in our own suffering, but also in the suffering of others in being compassionate caring, we discover God’s grace known in adversity.

The reality is we often find a cruel cold hard world and we must find a way to live in it. There are some situations that will never change. There are circumstances many must learn how to live in that will never be relieved.

We are able to remain steady when our focus is not on the calamity of events that surround us.

When we do not saturate our thoughts and minds with the evil, the violence, and the ways people choose to have dysfunctional relationships, we learn to not become entangled in those chaotic ways of being.

What we focus on and give our attention to will be the raw material that will nurture us and it will be what overflows from our hearts.

We become what we allow ourselves to dwell on and if we are dwelling on dark, negative thoughts, violent or aggressive issues, our lives will represent this.

When we are mindful of God’s Spirit, who is in it all, centering our attentions and affections in His life, we become rivers of living waters reviving our own souls, but also inspiring hope in others.

When we intentionally pursue those things of a spiritual nature, (in the midst of struggles) centering our thoughts, bodies, soul and spirit in daily; spending alone time in God, meditatively reading scriptures, praising, praying and abiding in Holy Spirit directed living; we are feeding ourselves with Godly manna.

In this we are choosing the way of the Christ life in us. This is how we blossom and bear fruit as disciples of the Cross.

Purposed spiritual living is a choice.

When we choose to offer mercy, grace and compassion in the midst of hardship, chaos, violence and the evil at work in our culture, it is making our intentions clear in choosing to be God’s Heart.

Being God’s heart requires discernment and walking in Godly wisdom of the Spirit life.

Obtaining the spiritual life occurs when we realize the Christian life is a lifestyle, integrally interconnected in the Godhead of all life; Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit.

When we are dwelling in this fellowship of love, we become an offering of God’s sweet fragrance of love towards all and He is who becomes manifested in all our relationships.



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