My faith is not dependent on what God does for me

God is good all the time. God is good in the midst of a person suffering long-term chronic illnesses. God is good in the struggle people have with cancer. God is good when persons divorce. God is good when we loose a loved one, even a child.


God is good when jobs are lost. God is good when sudden and unexpected tragedy enters our lives. God is good when family members become estranged from one another. God is good when unforeseen accidents happen.

God is good when friends betray us. God is good when people back stab. God is good when persons attack and try to discredit us. God is good when evil assaults us.

God is good in sickness and in health. God is good in sorrow and in joy. God is good all the time, for God does not lie, nor does His character change.

My belief in God is not shattered or swayed when bad things happen to good people or when good things happen to bad people.

These events are to be expected in life and will continue until the day we die.

The book of James tells us to not be surprised at difficult times, for these seasons will come as we are humans. In being human, we will suffer things of the flesh as humans.

We will become ill, we will age, we will lose vitality, we will get wrinkles, we will one day lose our ability to function as adults – due to being human and not in a perfected state.

Why do people find it so unacceptable when chaos, violence, and tragedy strike others in this world.

Why do some Christians attack those who have physical and mental health conditions that do not become healed?

Why do some Christians expect others to jump through hoops in order to be like them, talk like them, dress like them, and behave like them.

Are we robots where we should all speak the same Christianese gobbledygook language?

Why do some Christians expect other believers to pray the words they pray in order to ‘gain’ from God. Is that not witchcraft in having a formula or method designed to gain God’s favor?

If anyone proposes they have the magic words to pray claiming “If you pray these words, in this way, you too will receive blessings from God; healing, miracles, wealth. This is pure rhetoric, nonsensical and demonic activity.

The prosperity gospel is not biblical nor is it God ordained for everyone to have large bank accounts, be wealthy, etc.

This type of preaching would not work in the streets of Iraq, Syria, or in places like Iran or China.

If Christians in America were required to travel to other lands and preach their prosperity gospel for wealth, healing, blessings, in such lands, it would not work, nor would they be accepted or tolerated.

This type of preaching is not about love, but is more about having, obtaining, getting and benefiting from God. God is not some sort of genie that grants wishes that border more on the delusional spectrum of religion.

Why do some Christians think everyone should be in perfect health, as none of us will ever be until we reach heaven and are in our spiritual body.

Not one of us has the power to eradicate illness, disability, poverty, loss, death, or tragedy and those who purport they have this magic formula are followers of Satin.

When sin entered humanity, we became subjected to flesh weaknesses in serving self, becoming prideful, boasting of our own abilities, or thinking we know it all, or thinking my way is the only way, etc.

When evil blinded Adam and Eve, mankind was tainted to forever labor and work, no longer protected from the onslaughts of issues that ravage the soul.

In this life we will have many struggles, many trials, many temptations, for this is life. This is the reality of our life. This is to be expected in life.

God is Good ALL THE TIME!! God is Good ALL the time, regardless of circumstances, situations, material possessions or wealth.

God is good weather He chooses to heal someone or not.

People do not become healed, because another commanded, demanded or prayed some magic formula for healing from God.

Are we as humans able to demand anything from a God who is not tainted by human understanding or limits?

God’s healing is an act of His love and mercy. Period.

We can do nothing to gain anything from God, for God is not swayed with human words of wisdom or in our fancy prayers.

I do not have to understand the why of circumstances or situations in order to Trust God.

I do not have to have my prayers answered in order for me to have faith in God.

I do not have to God do anything for me, in order to find Him; merciful, kind, forgiving, and always extending His graceful love towards me.

I do not have to see miracles, signs or wonders to know God is All powerful. I do not have to do anything to win His approval, I already have it.

There is nothing I can do to gain anything from God. He has already given me everything I need, His fullness, abundantly equipped to do those works He has purposed for me to do, even before I was born.

God has provided me with all I need and has promised to give me all I need to live my faith life while on earth.

My trust in God is not dependent on anyone else’s approval of my lifestyle. My faith in God is not dependent on anyone else accepting my teachings.

My Christianity is not dependent on whether I have this or that. My life and all that I have is Totally dependent on the mercy of God.

It is God’s breath who sustains my life. It is God’s ability in me who is compassion. It is God’s Spirit in me, who is All powerful. It is God’s wisdom in me who is discerning. It is God’s divine presence in me who Satisfies my deepest longing. It is God’s guidance in me, who directs my paths. It is God’s leading me where I find completeness.

It is God in me, who bears the fruits of His Spirit; peace, gentleness, long-suffering, endurance, perseverance, joy, patience, giving me the ability to live a disciplined faith lifestyle.-

All that has been infused in me has been given freely to me by God. The only perfect one if He, who works His perfect will in me, molding, purging, and forming my inner being; nearer to His image, deeply etched to His likeness, closer to His love.

The Triune Godhead of divinity is intertwined within the tattered frame of my humanity, in all my flaws, errors, and failings.

God remains God in ALL seasons of life; the good and the bad.


Well, this rant has been a long time one as I see this type of behavior and ideology being acted out for many, many years now.  There will not ever be an end to the number of persons who skew scriptures for their own gain.  There will never be an end to the number of persons professing to be Christians, but whose hearts are far from God.  

But in the end, I can only take responsibility for myself, the content of my teachings and follow after the heart of God in allowing His love to be who is manifested in me. 


Living Intentionally



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