We are One Race – the Human Race – All lives matter!

We are all of ONE RACE, the Human Race. Those who categorize, separate, divide or label those due to color of skin are acting out in prejudicial, biased and superior manners.

All lives matter!

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No one color is better than another. No one color deserves a better life. No one color has it all. We are all humans and as far as I am concerned, that means we are ONE RACE of persons.

There is racism in American and it is due to ignorance, elite attitudes, oppression by those in power and from those who are from privileged backgrounds or upbringing.

There is a white privilege that is often abused by those who are white.

We do not determine what color we were born with, nor what part of the world we live in. Yet some will make the color of their skin and the geographic region they were birthed in means of obtaining what they think they ‘deserve’.

I want to pose a question: Do not ALL humans deserve the same opportunities, the same access and the same pathway in this life?

Yet, it is not so. I can see the huge divide which is still at work in our society with the division between those of dark skin, lighter dark skin, black and white.

Then there is a divide and hatred with those black and of Hispanic/Latino origin.

Even though those who are black might remember, if they lived through that era, the huge disadvantages they were dealt all due to the color of their skin. Many were forbidden to walk through white neighborhoods, had to sit in segregated sections in public, were not treated with respect, dignity or honor.

Persons of color are still being treated as ‘less than’ human.

So, how are our attitudes building bridges to bring people together, regardless of the color of their skin?

How are we part of the problem in contributing to causing divisions? 

No matter what color of our skin, we all have issues when faced with whether we will associate beyond work, beyond church, beyond friendly hello’s with one another in the outer realm of society.

We all have certain biases we have to work at overcoming, regardless of our skin color.

Even though we have progressed in America, I see the oppression by whites towards those of darker skin origin still deeply ingrained.

Perhaps this can be viewed more dominantly in the south, as the southern people were forced into slavery, entrenched in having no options, no choices, and no future, except what the whites were willing to give.

I see the hatred and attitudes with certain white people, that they are better than, a sense of being in a higher class, an attitude of superiority still existing, with those of different colored skin, no matter what region of our country you visit. It is endemic in our culture.

It is a sad fact that we have endemic oppression and ingrained attitudes of bigotry upon those who think they have it made, success, material possessions, money in the bank, options to do what they desire, and an ability to move ahead in careers, education and taking opportunities afforded them due to the color of their skin.

It is sad that people believe they can only relate and associate with those of the same skin color. It is disappointing that people desire to live in neighborhoods where all are like-minded, or have a certain wealth status, or have achieved a socioeconomic status of having arrived.

It is a sick and disgusted way of being when a society likens people similar to a caste system, where some are able, while others have to work 2-3 times as hard to even be accepted.

It is an oppression that becomes a subtle, but realized and experiential issue in this world in living out one’s life. It is startling that even those of color, may perhaps have their own biases towards whites.

When this is acted out in relationships, in excluding fellowship beyond any sort of gathering, then I ask, when do things change?

When will racism, segregation and oppression in America ever cease?

If you do not see it, it does not mean it does not exist, it just means you are unaware of how this is being played out in relational behaviors in different parts of the country.
It was only a few years ago, when lynching was a public and approved act in our culture.

It is still being done today in areas, but may not be widely publicized.

When one category of persons use violent means to subdue any other category of persons, it is just inhumane and unjust treatment.

It does not matter if it is women against men; men against women, woman against woman, men against men, or large groups within a population assaulting and casting aside as trash all LBGQT.

When does bigotry end? When does racism stop? When does oppression in categories of segregation dissolve?

When does abuse with those in power; church leaders/pastors, officials, city government, Congress, ever begin to realize that misuse of power is not OK?

When does violence of whites on whites stop? When does violence of blacks on blacks end? When does violence in Latino communities end? When does the cycle of madness in violence stop in our society?

Categorization is oppression. Oppression is aggression. Aggression is violence.

Whenever we misuse the gift of life granted to us in order to oppress, hate, tear down, or discriminate, it is not proper use of the authority given to humans to live peacefully with one another.

This all ends when we take a stand to NOT participate in conversations that are tearing another down, or attacking someone’s character.

It does not matter if this person is our President, a city official, a Pastor of a church, a boss, CEO’s or some corporate giant.

Violence and aggression in our language, in our dialogues, in our conversations does not work effectively towards any positive changes.

Spewing hate towards anyone, regardless of their position, never solves anything.

Protests that serve to separate in an ‘us’ and ‘them’ will not work towards any sustainable long-term resolutions.

It is when we come together as a people, concentrating on those areas of common ground, centering our vision on the fact we are all connected as humans on this earth, and our survival depends on our ability to work together in a shared mission, where we will discover, our union will be able to move mountains.

Together we are more powerful than 1, 2, or 3 alone.

It is when we band together in communities in all colors, we find the support, encouragement, edification that is necessary for us to move forward in our journey in this world in order to bring civility to chaos.

It is in community or own versions of truth are quesioned, biases dissolve and deceptions are exposed.

What could we accomplish in community if we would just let go of our own hatred and anger towards others, as this force will never forge new pathways towards understanding.

These entrenched attitudes will just breed cycles of continuing chaos, drama and violence.

It is when I as an individual realize, I am not better than anyone. I am not more deserving of anyone. I have not and will never arrive at any state of perfection while I live in my flesh frame.

It is only when I give up, surrender of all my attitudes towards others that have any edge of ‘better than’ or ‘superior’ mindset where we can begin the work of coming together in helping to make a difference in the quality of life in the community of those we interact with.

It is only when I drop my own biases, my own prejudices, my own self referenced belief system, where I can truly meet another right where they are at, not where I want them to be.

It is only when I let go of who I think I am, can I learn to bridge the divide of human atrocities being committed in relationships, in groups within our society and in this land of opportunity called America.

There is no way but the way of sincere love, the way of authentic peace, the way of embracing others as Jesus did, right where they were at; tax collectors, prostitutes, drinkers, sinners, were those He chose to sit with and spend time with.  Jesus chose to embrace the outcast of society, the marginalized, the disenfranchised, those seen as unworthy and less than.

It is not when I think I have it all figured out that things will be different in my relationships.

It is when I can admit my own weaknesses, my own limitations, my own failures, and walk in a vulnerable and courageous truth of who I am, with all of my flaws, carrying the divine nature of Christ within me, where I come to the Cross, again and again and again, asking for mercy.

It is by God’s mercy I am alive. It is through God’s grace I am able. It is in God’s love I have been birthed.

It is in being whom I am in all truth, in all humbleness, in all sincerity, in all authenticity, where walls fall down, where obstacles dissolve and where others encounter the reality of God in me.

It is when I am present with others demonstrating the true love of the Cross of Christ, having no ulterior motive or gain in mind, but when serving to offer the fragrant breath of God to another, in the midst of a dark cruel world.

When I am being the light of God and walking in the love He has infused in my spirit, is where others meet and encounter the divinity of Christ who dwells in me.

Change happens one life at a time, one day at a time, one person at a time, and until my work on earth is done, finished and completed and I am no more, there is more for me to accomplish.

But what I have left to accomplish in my time left on earth, will be done in the communities I engage and participate in as an active member working in a shared vision of what is possible when we walk hand in hand, together, as all lives matter!



Is my life representative of contributing to division or working towards building pathways towards peacefully relating and understanding? 

How am I making a difference in the fact I have lived?

What thoughts or reactions did you have after reading this? 

Please share below in the section ‘Penny for your thoughts’. 


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