We can choose to say No!

May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” Psalm 19:14
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The words we speak and the thoughts we ruminate on have great power to influence towards positive means or in negative factors.
What we choose (we do have a choice) to dwell about in our minds, becomes rooted into our hearts and our behaviors/actions stem from these ruminations.
If we are allowing negative, destructive thoughts to circle in our heads, then we are apt to act our in behaviors that are not healthy towards ourselves and towards others.
If we are choosing to make scriptures, God and those things of a spiritual nature to circle in our heads, our actions and behaviors are more likely to be of a servant heart seeking godliness.
What we allow to enter and remain in our heads, is a matter of choice as God created us having a free will to choose. We can choose to say NO.  This is often the best choice in remaining sane in a world that is spinning more and more out-of-control, chaotic and breeding divisions.
We can choose to say NO to certain conversations that are full of ill motivated intentions to tear another down, or to discredit another person. We can choose to not engage in such talk by simply refusing to participate or become involved in it.
We can choose to say NO in not allowing social media to sway our moods in not focusing on those posts that are full of drama, negative high energy states and discourse not conducive to building up.
We can choose to say NO to viewing images in magazines, reading materials, TV, movies, that are graphically depicting gory, violent scenes, full of foul-mouthed language.
Saying No becomes vital for our spiritual survival and health of our entire body, soul and spirit. What we allow to enter and  take deep roots in our minds becomes intertwined in our bodies and can affect us with physical symptoms, mental health conditions and is intricately connected with our behaviors.
I would rather choose to focus on meditatively reading of scriptures, singing songs of praise to my God, centering my lifestyle in prayer and devotion to the Living God whose life spirit of Christ resurrects His ability in me each moment I am gifted breath.
I know the benefits with incorporating this type of lifestyle have far outweighed anything this world has had to offer me as far as stability, contentment, and knowing the sacred sense of presence I am able to have with an intimate and personal relationship with my Lord.




There is a supernatural ability of the Spirit’s life in me, who renews, refreshes my entire soul in the daily filling of the resurrection power of Christ who is intertwined within the tattered frame of my humanity.


When I reflectively meditate and read scriptures, allowing the content of the words to take root by the Holy Spirit’s revealing truth to me, my entire being becomes affected and influenced in godly ways that are unimaginable, yet real.


It is the divine nature of the Spirit life whose regeneration redeems my own human tendencies to go astray.  When I say NO to certain things and step into the Holy Spirit who gives me ability to choose the Christ way, I am allowing God to influence whom I am becoming, inside and out.


So, take care in what you allow to enter into your thoughts and know that you do have a choice in all of life to make wise decisions that will influence your inner person towards maintaining a faith lifestyle of health and wellness.
Life is all about CHOICES.
Try this exercise for 30 days by reading scripture every morning, mid day and evening.  Meditate, consider and reflect on some aspect of its content during your day. 

Select from the following suggested readings:

  • 1 Corinthians 13

  • Psalm 1

  • Psalm 23

  • Gospel of John chapter 14:25-26

At the end of 30 days, ask yourself if you notice any difference in your thoughts, attitudes and/or behaviors.

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