Try this amazing leaf powder to add a bit of a lift in your morning coffee!!

Try a bit of a zip in your coffee!


Instead of buying those coffees that are being offered with mixtures of natural energizing herbs, I have been making my own.

Not only is it more cost effective to add my own herbs/powders in my morning beverage, I am able to use quality products where I have done my research.



Every morning I add Moringa to my coffee, with a bit of raw honey, all organic products. This morning I added some Maca Power, along with the Moringa to my coffee in order to find out if it will provide the sustaining type of energy needed.  You will have to continue stirring this as the powder settles to the bottom of the cup if you don’t.

As we grow older a natural byproduct of this is loss of energy due to many factors. It does change the taste of your coffee, but I have gotten used to it and the benefits outweigh the taste and I actually like it.

We could all use a bit of inspiration and encouragement when it comes to caring for our bodies, soul and spirit in maintaining our health and wellness!

You can read all about the energizing and health benefits of this amazing leaf powder, Moringa in my post written June 21, 2018:

“Drink a Moringa beverage to add Zip to your day!”  

It can be found under the Health and Wellness tab.

If you try any of these products, please be sure to leave responses and comments of what you thought about them!



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