Photography is my art


Photography is my art as I see the hand of God in the skies, among the flowers, in the forests. I see the hand of God in each new sunrise and with each end of the day as the sun slowly closes its light as a curtain shade on a window.

I see the hand of God in my brothers and sisters, in those who do not know Him, and in all His animal creatures and plant creations.

God has an amazing array of colors, rich, deep, shaded variations and if I lived a hundred years I would not have been able to travel the many dimensions in seeing God’s beauty as if we look for it, we will be awed by His displays of Glory!

The earth shouts in praise with adoration to the God whose creations cry out to Him, longing to be united in the fellowship of His abiding love, centered in the sacred place of being in Him.

So, do I, lift my heart in a humble shout unto my God, who rescued me from the depths of my own soul and now the resurrection life of Christ rises within me each moment I am gifted breath, worshiping the One in whose name I am known.


dawn sunset beach woman
Living Intentionally by Lorraine


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