Remnants for a better world

Good morning everyone!


“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another” (John 13:34-35)

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

How we treat those we interact with today matters! Our inner attitudes are the result of who we are becoming in our moment by moment journey on this earth.

When we promote kindness, caring, and compassion we spread peaceful ways of relating. Change happens one step at a time, one day at a time, one person at a time, but it always begins with us, as individuals.

We can be the change needed in our world today by becoming an outward giving individual. Serving beyond ourselves helps us grow as individuals and adds value to others as we pay attention, showing a loving response with those we encounter in life’s path.

Spreading acts that instill worth in others helps to build connections and meaning in the bonds we learn to make as humans. Every day offers new opportunities for us to grow and learn as individuals.

Each breathe we have been gifted is breathed out towards others in love.  In this way we become an offering as freedom fighters.  For when we become the way of peaceful relating we birth pathways in building peace in our neighborhoods, communities and our own part of this world.

Building sustainable communities happen when we can work together for the common good improving how we interact with one another and teaching models that work effectively in that regards.

Jesus Christ shows us a model that integrates a lifestyle in peaceful and loving relating with others.  He forged new understandings in how we can be a people who honor, respect and serve in encouraging, helping, supporting and praying with one another.

He came to confront the religious ‘elite’ in their form of religion with hearts far from Godly endeavors and their ways trumped the way He showed, love.

Jesus is here today to challenge me that whenever my religious dogma, doctrine, or my ways of being with others, inflict harm, and I fail in being His compassionate love, then my religion is fruitless and one that breeds negative influence.

Love is the greatest gift to mankind and when I give up of myself in the small acts in serving others, I am forging new pathways in relating that bring meaning and purpose in valuing.

It is in this way, I become the change needed in confronting worldly systems of status quo with the ‘elite’ religious groups of today by exchanging them in desiring God’s Holy Spirit to be who inhabits my inner realm.

Let’s make our part of the world a more compassionate and caring place to live and we can know that we have made a difference in our lives.  When we are passionately abiding in Holy Spirit ways, in our inner woman, we ignite this same fire in others in helping them to draw nearer to the source of all life in abiding in this same Spirit-filled lifestyle.

The only remnants that will remain after we pass from this earth is how others were impacted by our living. We are able to powerfully influence those around us impacting them towards the change we all need in our neighborhoods and communities, when we step out in this new bravery the Spirit grants us, in making a way in this world, where others are seen, heard and noticed.

This is the way of Love that overflow from the Christ in us, towards all others. In this way we are God’s agents, spreading His teachings, shining a light for others to walk hand in hand together, in this pilgrim journey as humans maturing into spiritual beings.


  • Where do I want to go in my life?
  • How can you incorporate choosing the Christ way of responding in love into your everyday lifestyle? 
  • Write down 1 thing you want to work on and create space to develop it and follow through with it.


  • Write down in your journal your reflections and consider one thing you can work towards in becoming the change needed in our world.

  • What kind of influence do you desire to make in your relationships?

  • What steps can you take to work towards empowering others through your influence?

  • What are some of the ways you influence others towards making a difference in this world?


Holy Spirit you are the only vehicle in our lives who can help us in becoming nearer to this Christ-like love.  I ask you today, to be present in me in such a way, others will become aware of your presence in my manners, in my words and in my responses towards others.

Help me to become more gentle, more tender, and more reflective and considerate when I am with another, that You will inhabit the deep inner core of whom you are transforming me to become, an authentic woman who shows forth your love.

Cause me to change towards all godliness in all my endeavors, glowing with Your ever abiding sustaining life Spirit in me, so my breath is as a fragrance of beauty, touching souls, sparking and igniting their hearts through your love, to draw nearer to You as the fullness of the divine nature of Christ who dwells in our humanity. 

What do you think and what sorts of reactions were raised after you finished reading this post?


Living Intentionally


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