Davidson, NC

I am staying in the historic town of Davidson, NC and am staying here for a couple of weeks, so took a stroll downtown today with my husband Ron and snapped a few pictures.

Davidson has a college that incorporates many buildings and gorgeous expansive land. I enjoyed taking in the old trees I discovered in this area as I love looking at them and studying them.

Davidson College has istorical roots in the Presbyterian denomination.  Although it still has a religious component to it, it is mostly a Liberal Arts College.

I really like sculptures and Davidson College has many of these originals placed around their gorgeous and scenic campus.

I copied and pasted the following information directly off of the College’s website.

Davidson College is located north of Charlotte, North Carolina in the town of Davidson. This historic campus is an excellent choice for the student who seeks a vigorous undergraduate education in a residential environment.

  • Ranked among America’s strongest and most selective liberal arts colleges
  • Governed by a vital Honor Code
  • Alma mater to 23 Rhodes Scholars
  • Competes in 21 sports at NCAA Division I
  • First liberal arts college to eliminate loans in financial aid packages

History: Founded in 1837 by Presbyterians

Location: Davidson, North Carolina, 19 miles north of Charlotte

Majors Offered: 26 majors plus 17 minors, plus Interdisciplinary Studies

Stepping inside their Visual Arts building is a sculpture of by Jean D’Aire donated by the Pepper family.  Such strong features and astute character of this sculpture.  I was absolutely amazed at the fine detail and character of this statute.

Upon finishing our walk around Davidson, we drove to the town of Cornelius which lies adjacent to it, to do a bit of shopping at this center you can view below. Apartment buildings that I have pictured here are directly next to the shopping plaza making it a convenient place to live.


These last pictures of this bridge are in route to Cornelius from Davidson, traveling through a few back streets.  I found this region delightful, airy, pleasant and the environment quite scenic to view!


When we take the time to rest in walking, visitng new areas, or simply enjoying being out and about, we are helping our bodies, minds and souls become less stressed and stronger, leading us to create and maintain our health and wellness.

That is it for now and I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the town of Davidson, NC and its many features and beauty!


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