Catawba River, SC

Good Morning everyone!  Hope your weekend was relaxing and you were able to get out and enjoy it a bit!

It is Monday morning and the sun is shining here in SC today!  The sun is shining everyday in SC and I am loving it!  Also getting used to the humidity and continuing to get out and about walking.

After I finish my work task this morning, we will be heading to the Billy Graham Library to see his grave site.  We visited earlier this year when in NC in January and were quite impressed with his life work and how they had put it all together for the public to view free.

Combining work with vacation can be done if you plan and organize your time.  I worked until noon at the local Library this past Saturday, then my husband Ron and I headed out for Lancaster to walk this scenic waterway in SC.

Lancaster State Park was our destination and when we arrived, right in the middle of nowhere, we found this nature trail.  While walking this trail we happened upon Egrets, Blue Herons, Canadian Geese and a mother eagle with her new eaglet flying in their search for a mid afternoon meal.  There were too many trees in the way for me to be able to get any pictures though.  It was an amazing site to view!


Here are a few pictures of the Egret who stood still in this erect position eyeing the waters for his meal.



You can click on the above signs to read a bit about this river and how the early settlers avoided the many dangers through a canal to bring supplies to their town.



The first picture in the left directly above this sentence is of an empty canal way used by early settlers.  Then a couple photographs of the Canadian Geese.


These are a couple pictures I snapped of my husband Ron and this spider whose web was hanging in mid air.  Not sure what type it is though.


More scenic views of the Catawba River.


Hope you enjoyed these photos.  For those of you who are following my journey in SC, we never did get to the Ann Springs Greenway the other day.  Instead we drove to Rock Hill and walked the River Walk. I will be posting those pictures sometime later this week!


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