Another Saturday in SC

I am writing this post on Saturday, scheduling it to post on Sunday knowing we will be traveling an hour to Kannapolis, NC to join in worship with our church family, then having dinner with my siblings and making a trip into Concord so I can print out my work I will be finishing today!

I found a little spot to work which is only 1 1/2 miles from Sun City, SC where we are staying.  Here is a picture of it, nested among the trees.



I plan to work until noon, then my husband and I are off to Lancaster and Rock Hill SC, to browse some book stores and see the sites.  And of course, snap pictures!

Here are a few pictures from my morning walk.  This is my usual routine, waking up, reading a bit of the Bible, praying, then off to my walk.  I know if I don’t just get out and do it, I will never do it!

Engaging in some sort of regular exercise is important for our health and wellness.  It also helps build stamina, increase circulation, purge our systems of free radicals and gives us a sense of well-being.


I have been making my coffee and putting a teaspoon of Moringa powder, along with some Matcha powder in it for stamina and I do notice a considerable difference in my energy.   I would rather add my own ingredients instead of buying ones already mixed up.  This way I know what is in it!  Just sharing a health tip to start your day with a bit of a zip in it!  And one that lasts too!


I pass many other walkers who are out getting their morning exercise before the humid heat hits here in the south.  It was already a bit humid this morning as I walked later than usual, more towards 7:30 am.  I greeted many couples out with their dogs, many alone, and all said a hello back with a smile.

Sun City, SC is a retirement community of 3,000 homes and it is scenic, offers many amenities and I am finding it a quiet and serene place to visit.  Our neighbor told me they allow anyone 50 and older to purchase homes here.  They have a lovely golf course where many from the community come and play.  The greens appear well cared for and span miles of acreage.

Anyhow, I have to get to my work, or it will not get done!  Wishing you all a great day hoping you can take a bit of time for yourself, to gather your energies, catch up on the week’s work and find some place for respite for your soul.  Taking time to pace ourselves is vital for our well-being.

Here is to another sun filled warm humid day in the south!  Loving every minute of it and meeting many new people!


Living Intentionally



“Everyone wants to live at the top of a mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you are climbing to the top.”   Andy Rooney



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