Grief Remembered

candlelight candles
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Grief, a tearing phenomenon

tugs at my heart when

I am not thinking

of the deceased.

Even to say that word – deceased – conjures

up all kinds of images.

The remembering of the person brings

about different perceptions,

ones savored in a reserved

space within the brain.

Ones I laugh with gladness,

others I cry with sorrow.

Finding death has mixed feelings.

All cannot be explained,

or sorted out.

Yet these feelings can be explored,

and in the exploring,

Life is found,

Life is lived,

Life is breath,

Life is the moment.


Thoughts as I remembered my son I lost so long ago, death at 16 years of age, too young and having just begun to live.

Living Intentionally















Rainbow sprinkles toss

frayed reason,

coloring judgment,

concealing Heavens view.


Reason matures,

freely coursing refined ways,

contemplating the future.


A winding journey.





Patiently weighing,

informatively living.


Persevering fragmented

memories within my mind,

creasing an existence,

reaching remotely hidden

hardening rocks – glistening

truths of tomorrow’s dreams.


























I have tried – and obvio

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