Greetings from South Carolina

I was out walking around 6 am this morning, along with snapping some pictures of the yellow strewn sky and some other scenic beauties.  The first one on the top left was taken at 5:45 am, then I progressively snapped photos as the sun was making its morning appearance.


I returned from my walk around 7 am and it is now 9:45 am and it is a nice cool 75 degrees this morning. I have no idea what the weather for today will be, but as of now, it is a perfect day to go hiking.  My husband and I plan to walk the The Anne Springs Close Greenway.

This Greenway is an extensive protected natural area in Fort Mill, South Carolina consisting of approximately 2,100 acres of lakes, forests, and pastures that include trails for hiking, biking, kayaking, and horseback riding.which is a long trail that follows the Catawba river and land in that region.  It has many original log cabins and artifacts from when the first people settled in this area.

Look for my photos of this natural area sometime within the next few days!

I happened upon this little rabbit nibbling on some morning breakfast.  These birds are beautiful when flying, their white marked wings are gorgeous.  I am not sure what they are called, but the neighbor told me they are more aggressive then Bluejays!


Here are a few more photos of the birds I saw on my walk.


These colorful Crepe Myrtle Trees line the streets and yards everywhere here.  They first bloom with white flowers, then the pinkish reds follow, and than lastly, they tout their purplish colored arrays.

I found the variety of these fur trees extraordinary!  I love the way they look, so soft and festive!

These last pictures show some of the walkways I travel when I do my morning and usually my evening outings!  The last one is a picture of the house we are staying at.

These pictures are all from the community we are staying in called Sun City, which is south of Indian Land, but it is a section of Fort Mill, SC.

Well, that is all for now!  I hope you all have a great day in whatever plans you have!

May we all try to be more intentional in living out our lives, regardless of what we have to do, this life is not about achieving, but is all about allowing ourselves to be the fresh fragrant of holiness breathing renewal into the souls of all those we meet.

We are God’s agents to shine compassion, kindness, care, empathy, and being present with others with the divine presence of love who dwells in our hearts.

Whether we hold a hand, sit with another in silence, bring a meal, share a cup of coffee over another’s struggles, our compassionate caring and love helps lift others in the midst of their journey on this earth through the giving of our time and together we can be a healing balm, restoring hope in the lives of all those we meet, including ourselves. 


By the way, due to staying in SC until the end of July and having to go to the library to use internet, I am not able to be as engaged with you all in the blogging community as usual.  Know that I have not forgotten about you though!

Living Intentionally


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