Visiting the Carolina’s

Good morning to you all!


I am in South Carolina for a couple of weeks staying in my aunt and uncles’ home in Fort Mill. They live in what used to be a gated community called Sun City where 3000 homes are located in this beautiful suburb about 20 miles south of Charlotte, North Carolina.

When you’re in the South you have to get up early to walk to avoid the humid heat of the day in the higher temperatures in these summer months. When I ventured out early this morning, there was a slight breeze and overcast sky, appearing that we will be getting some much-needed rain. I love my quiet times when I am walking around it appears everyone else is still sleeping cozily in their beds.

These times I use for reflection, prayers and/or singing praises to my God thankfulness and gratitude I carry in my heart for his life intertwined into mine. There is an inner contentment and joy I can sense in my spirit as I go about my day as my attentions are turned towards my God, in my thoughts, in my mind and in those spaces I have opened to Him, in allowing His Spirit room to move in and through me.

I am in the area for a Writer/Speakers conference that is being held in Concord, NC, the end of July. I also have siblings living in North Carolina, a brother and sister in Kannapolis, and another sister who lives in Stanfield.

We have a pastor friend who had picked up his grandson early in June from Stanfield, North Carolina and when he found out we were coming down to the same area where he grandson lives, he asked if we would mind bringing him back home. I had no hesitation and immediately said yes, looking forward to having a little one with us in our journey.

We had an interesting trip traveling down here stopping to stay overnight in Frederick Maryland, where my brother and sister-in-law live, then continued our journey, leaving early Saturday morning, traveling seven hours, dropping off our 11-year old passenger, who lives a couple of miles from my sister in Stanfield, North Carolina.

My husband and I then drove to my sister Sue’s home and visited with her while enjoying pizza and wings, before traveling to our destination here in Fort Mill. When you are unfamiliar with an area and have only GPS and no paper map, it becomes difficult to maneuver in the many roadways it becomes necessary to get from point A to point B.

Upon arriving Fort Mill, we unpacked and settled into my aunt’s home around 9 PM Saturday evening. Knowing we were having to get up and leave by 9 AM to get to our church service in Kannapolis at 10 AM, I went to bed early so I could get plenty of sleep and the rest I needed from this long journey.

Not being familiar with how to get anywhere because of all the different roads and highways and routes, it took us over an hour and a half to travel from Fort Mill South Carolina to Kannapolis North Carolina where we joined our spiritual church family for services this past Sunday. I was very weary, tired and fatigued from the long trip, so this extended drive and unfamiliarity with how to get there added to this.

It was great to reunite with the members at Covenant Presbyterian in Kannapolis as we had joined in fellowship with them when we were in North Carolina visiting in the Fall of 2017 and also when we returned in December staying until the latter part of January 2018.

Yesterday we were able to get maps for North and South Carolina, which will make our visit and time here much less frustrating.

So, after writing this piece, I will be preparing materials that I need to present at the conference and then will be taken a break for my breakfast. I have playing yogurt that I will be mixing in some granola I brought with me as I enjoy eating lighter in the warmer months.

I am sitting at the dining room table looking out at the panel windows into the backyard and can see the hazy gray sky and the wind move bending branches and leaves of the many flower bushes and trees that line the backyard. It does look like we’re going to have lower humidity due to this change in weather pattern so I for one be taking opportunity to try to get as much work done as possible.

Well I am off now to enjoy my breakfast and then to become immersed in the writing project I am in the middle of so that I can complete it and take it to Staples to get it printed out so I will have it ready plenty of time for this conference.

I hope you can enjoy your day, wherever you are in your journey and that you can be thoughtful and mindful of those things you are appreciative of and grateful for in your own life.

Living Intentionally



If you would like to share something you are grateful for in your life please do so in the ‘Penny for your thoughts’ section at the end of this post.

I would love to hear from you as we can all be encouraged when we hear what things bring thankfulness in the lives of the many we connect with in this community of writers.





  1. You are right with saying in order to avoid the nasty humidity here in the south you have to get up early to do things. I usually plan to do grocery shopping in the mornings or in the evening after the sun goes down. If you end up in Charlotte, be aware the traffic is HORRIBLE and people can’t drive!!!! These people can’t drive when the sun is shinning so when it rains it is even worse! Are you enjoying it down here in the south?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I am. Just now at Mcdonald’s for Wifi and the traffic heading south out from Charlotte is heavy! It was a bit lower in humidity this morning so walked and will walk again around 8PM.

      Yes, enjoying the sun, getting out a bit, but am working lots on finishing up what I need for this conference.


        • Well, staying inside helps as AC is great! I do plan to walk and it has not been too bad waiting till later around 8pm or so in walking. There has been a bit of a breeze all day. I sat outside a bit today when taking a break.

          Bad news, the piece that took me most of the day working on was not saved! Not sure how that happened, but now is lost and have no way to restore it. So, guessing will start that over again and try to recollect the content.

          We are picking up my sister in Stanfield tomorrow taking her to Baden Lake on Morrow mountain. It will be a 3 hour round trip for us, so planning on picnic and spending the entire day there.

          Liked by 1 person

          • I guess I am in a bad area of Charlotte, I didn’t feel any breeze today! It was HOT when I left work, but maybe it was bad timing.
            I am sorry you lost all you worked on today. I am sure you will be able to recollect your content. I wish you lots of luck with that!
            Sounds like a long trip, but I hope you have some fun with it!!


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