What happens when we commune with the Holy Spirit?

woman wearing white top and gray framed sunglasses
Photo by Bardo Luna on Pexels.com
  1. When we take time in opening our ears in an attentiveness in listening to The Holy Spirit’s voice in us, we learn to discern the truth of God in us and in others.
  2. The Holy Spirit brings contentment to us, that cannot be known anywhere else.
  3. When we learn to develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit, we become regenerated in God’s redemptive reign in Christ and adopted into His family as heirs to His kingdom.
  4. The Holy Spirit causes us to go deeper into God’s holiness, leading us in the ways of Christ, and our desires for His fullness, center our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors in the way of Love.
  5. The Holy Spirit bears witness in our souls to the Christ in us and we continually become changed nearer in becoming God Hearts in this world.
  6. The Holy Spirit renews and refreshes us in the spiritual life we have been given in Christ.
  7. We begin to walk in discernment, abiding in Godly wisdom that can only come in adhering to the Holy Spirit in us, as He will lead us into all truth.
  8. We can feel those rivers of water rushing through our bodies the Bible speaks of, as each day, we come again, to be filled, to be watered, to have the Spirit pour into us the resurrected life of Christ.
  9. We have a resilience not known before as The Holy Spirit grants us a strength to weather tough circumstances and difficult situations.
  10. We discover a supernatural ability of the Holy Spirit’s power who dwells in us, with the love of Christ who enters our suffering, holding us with mercy and grace.


We have been gifted unlimited access to the power given to us through the Holy Spirit.

All we need do, is to take hold, steady ourselves in continuing to walk according to the truth in scriptures, allowing the Holy Spirit of ability to manifest the fullness of our God in our human frailty.

I have learned that God desires all of me.  He desires I surrender to Him, all of my thoughts.  He desires, I surrender to Him, all of my mind.  He desires, I surrender to Him, all of  my attitudes.  He desires, I surrender to Him, all of my behaviors. He desires, I surrender to Him, all of my desires.

In this surrendering, each moment, I discover the Hope of God in me and in knowing this Hope, I have realized, there is nothing I can ever do to earn His love.  The God I have come to know intimately, pours His gracious and genuine love into me, lavishly and freely, without exception.

God’s love transcends any human understanding or notion of love. God’s love is transparent, having no hidden agenda.  God’s love is pure as is His holiness. God’s love is what I long for, to sit in His presence, to be bathed by His goodness, to saturate my soul in His fullness with each breath I take.

There is nothing like God’s love.  Once I have tasted of this, I have known what real love is.  Sincere love for another.  Authentic love that is not entangled or tainted by humanity.

Oh what love is this, that this God calls me to Him each day.  Oh what love this is, that this God pursues me with such tender and gentle love, so as not to harm one hair upon my head.

Oh what love this is, that this God, has placed the divine nature of His son, Jesus Christ within me, and together, Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, dwell as one being in my being, and we are joined in a holy union, together in my present, and together for all eternity.


Living Intentionally





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