Renewed passions of being


I walked onto the wooden log

like bridge where I stood

looking over the steeped edge,

down into white waters frothing,

whirling, pressing against tree

boarded boundaries in a seemingly endless

force of currents,

rushing from somewhere upstream,

a place my eyes could not take me….

Such beauty unrestrained in Nature’s course….

and I felt the wind softly tingle my cheeks,

and I smelled the cold rush of the water’s gurgle,

and I heard tall trees whisper softly,

and I knew the place where my eyes could not take me –

was a place where deep-seated roots ran in

reservoirs of unrestricting

pleasures that flow unfolding

as rapids down mountain cliffs, splashing in

Winter’s icy air,

fervently tasting, wet thirsting,

yearning to emerge form this bridge

in uninhibited renewing passions of Being.

Living Intentionally


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