What are you thankful for today?

What are you thankful for today?



Sunday Morning is upon us and it is looking like another beautiful day here in Upstate NY.

I just completed a 2 mile walk. When I first ventured out this morning, it was a bit cool, having a sun blurred haziness in the sky.

There is something about walking these early mornings, when most of the houses are still closed from the night and people are not yet awakened.

I did greet a few people who were up and about. A woman who had cut a bouquet of her yellow flowers to put in a vase in her home, a young man walking his pit bull, an older woman who had walked to one of the Asian corner markets to pick up a few items, and another young woman carrying her child to the car, preparing to drive off somewhere.

As I passed one house I heard the TV on and could imagine perhaps they were lounging still in pj’s, making their morning coffee, quietly viewing the events that were or have occurred in our world.

I saw two different taxi car drivers who had either just dropped off a fare, or were on there way to pick up a fare. I passed by a car wash on the Main Street I ventured on and could hear the water splashing on someone’s car as they cleaned it, getting ready for their week.

Of course, the many birds greeted me first thing and their harmonic choir was heard everywhere I walked. Although I live in a residential populated region, we have many trees that line our streets in yards, displaying shades of green, such variety; oak, poplar, maple, and there is one yard having 2 magnolia trees!

I enjoy looking at the neatly manicured lawns, variety of flowers and plant life and that most people are taking care of their yards, which is nice to see.

On my return walk towards my home, the sun was on my back, the sky had opened up into a medium blue hue and as I looked back to the hills that surround this region, it reminded me of mountain mornings; mist hovering heavily, hazy sun, sleepy trees.

It is looking like another gorgeous summer day here in NY!

I was thankful for the reprieve from the humid heat wave that hit most of the country in being able have this gift of walking this morning as it is a gift, for I know many who are unable to enjoy this simple activity.

Thankful for today.


Share in the ‘Penny for your thoughts’ below what you are thankful for today!  We could all use a bit of encouragement!

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I appreciate you stopping by and reading my post today.  It always encourages me and inspires me to continue writing and posting in the hopes that you too can gain a bit of a lift in your day.  We all need someone and together we lighten the load in this life by walking in kindness, spreading peaceful ways of relating and being with one another. 

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