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Getting fit and staying fit can be difficult.  It takes intentional planning, organization, and determination in following through with one’s goals.  Like anything else in life, I have found the best thing to do when desiring to begin any new venture, is to just DO IT!

It may take several stages, but when it comes to our health, all we have is right now. All we can do is begin again each day, in moving one step forward, in our journey towards wellness.

I have been eating lighter during the summer season and enjoying the not cooking at times, especially when the heat or humidity index is in the higher regions.

So, today, I am sharing my no mess, easy and quick breakfast.  I start with a creamy Greek Yogurt, plain, and add my toppings.  I am not one for dumping sugary products into my body first thing in the morning, so I enjoy the plain type as one can always add some dark maple syrup, a bit of raw honey to it if you want to have a sweeter flavor.

It is always healthier for you to add your own sweetener and choosing those that have some minerals and nutrients in them, like the above two sweeteners I listed, would be improved options, as the benefits in them help towards maintaining an improved balance in regards to our health and wellness.


Chia seeds is an important ingredient and you can read the many benefits it offers by googling it.  One of the benefits I will share with you this morning is after digesting these nutrient dense seeds, they swell up once they get into your stomach area.


This is pretty awesome for those of us wanting to slim down, or maintain a healthy weight, as it helps us feel satisfied longer and reduces temptations to snack on unhealthy treats.

Another ingredient I add to this delicious mixture, is a bit of granola. I am pleased to have found Back Roads Granola as their products are tasty, certified Organic, and so tasty when blended in Yogurt.


This one comes complete with a variety of nuts, seeds, and raisins which add another benefit if you like to eat crunchy foods.  I purchase the no salt kind as sodium is so overloaded in products I like to choose and select those either without, or on the low side, which involves reading labels.

Nothing like being informed when it comes to our own bodies. There are many things we are able to control in caring for ourselves in the types of foods we ingest as studies show the strong connection between poor diets and disease.  We can take preventative measures in desiring to be as fit as possible within our means and often this means just making some simple changes, adjustments and modifications to our lifestyles; diet, exercise, stress management, etc.

If your are already dealing with some sort of long term chronic mental/physical health condition, there could be many things you could think about changing the way you eat in helping to maintain the  health you do have at this stage in your life.




Well, I feel like I have already accomplished quite a bit this Sunday morning.  Completed my 2 mile walk, put together this deliciously tasty and nutritious breakfast, so I am on to the next part of my day.  Enjoying this treat!

Again, I avidly research the products I consume, making sure they are of the highest quality in Organic, Non-GMO ingredients, sourced from a reputable company. Due diligence pays off when it comes to our health!

Hope you too can find healthy and easy foods to include in your meals. We only have right now and we can and do make a difference in not only what we eat, but in how we eat it!

Share with us an easy breakfast meal you enjoy!  Love to hear new ideas!

Living Intentionally


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