The divine nature of Christ is infused in my flawed Humanity


“Love is always new! Those who live in Love are renewed every day and through their frequent acts of goodness are born all over again. How can anyone stay old in Love’s presence? How can anyone be timid there?”  Hadewijch

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Love is more than a word. Love is seen in how we treat one another. Love is shown in our words, our tones, our manners and in how we use language to express ourselves.

Love is action. Love is something we do with and for one another. Love is who we become when we give of ourselves, beyond ourselves.

The greatest love is the love from our Father God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as they dwell in a unity of love. When we take time to spend in deeply communing in this union, we become filled with the love that is compassion walking this earth.

Jesus enters our lives, a healing balm in those spaces of our humanity where we have been hurt, disappointed, wounded, and/or sometimes crushed.  So do we enter in the suffering of all those we meet, with the same love, mercy and grace we have been gifted.

Jesus exemplifies what love is. Love is being present with others in the flux of life; whether in sickness or health, sadness or joy, sorrow or happiness.

It not so much about doing, it is about allowing the compassion of Christ who resides in us, to flow outwardly to all those we meet, regardless of race, gender, health, socioeconomic status, title, or ability.

Loving others right where they are at is only made possible by this Spirit of Christ who is love, and whose love has been embedded into every cell, organ, vessel in our human frame.

He has placed His divine nature in us, so we can be His agents of love touching others, inspiring hope, lifting up the weary, encouraging of those down cast. 

Genuine love becomes aware of all those disenfranchised, all who have been pushed away, all who have been discarded and cast out by the many, including those who profess to be Christians, entering into the ministry of reconciliation.

When my dogma, doctrine, or beliefs trump the call upon my life to love above all, then I am failing. I am failing in the great commission upon my life. I am failing those I meet along life’s pathway. I am failing in being who I am professing to be, in calling myself a Christian.


Yet, it is not in the perfection in loving where I succeed. It is in my continual bowing to the Spirit in me, to step back from reacting from my flesh ways, and to step in the grace provided to me by the Spirit life, allowing the Spirit to intervene in those moments, to show forth the sincere caring of the Christ through me.

It is in realizing and accepting, I am but a flawed human, having tattered threads of weaknesses, times when in error, and it is in the accepting that I am perfectly human and there is no shame or wrong in my humanity.

It is in acknowledging, accepting and allowing the fact I will never arrive in any state of perfection in my spiritual maturity. It is in realizing I am on this path walking the narrow road of redemption, allowing the Christ Spirit to exchange His ways from my own ways,  as His love abounds in my weaknesses.

It is in my realization and understanding of the necessity in continually bending in actively choosing the giving myself to the One who is all perfect, the Christ whose Spirit lives in me.

It is in the continual abiding in Christ, where I am becoming His daughter, whose heart desires are towards Him, to be united with the One whose life flows through mine, in an intimacy unknown by words.


Each moment, each hour, each day, I am faced with choices. Whose ways am I choosing in the steps I am walking in today?  Whose ways will I incorporate into my humanness in responding to others today? 

Learning to make wise, godly choices occurs when I allow this holy being of Christ who is love, grace, and mercy, to infuse all of who He is, into all those places where I am unable; saturating me with His supernatural ability to be His compassion, His caring, His authentic love, where this becomes my daily spiritual practice.

“Limitation, finitude, suffering, weakness, disability, and frailty can be gifts. Far from robbing us of our humanity, these things are needed if we are to be human. Without them, we strip ourselves of the opportunity to confer dignity on each other regardless of our physical and mental condition and lose sight of the essential given-ness of human life. Ultimately, personhood is not a work of self-definition and self-creation, it is a gift.”  Sarah C. Williams

The Christ in me, sees those infirmed, those cast out, those in our midst who limp, who have conditions that cause suffering, those who sit on the outside of our society, cast out by a culture constantly comparing, competing, striving to arriving in some state of perfection, some way of knowing, or in becoming successful (by worldly standards).

The Christ in me is love, when I allow His Love to be the active agent in my heart, to enter into the lives of all those I meet, on this earth, embracing, including, accepting, and sincerely being motivated by love, regardless of any flaw or mental/physical condition.

In this lifestyle, I am being the ways of love.


Those who deem themselves the ‘spiritually elite’ also have flaws as we all share in our humanity. Flaws such as dictating or forcing others to take on their ways, instead of directing all to the Christ way. 

Flaws such as abusive treatment, behind closed doors of religious institutions. Flaws such as idolatry. Flaws such as selective love. Flaws such as harboring ill thoughts towards others. Flaws such as judging, condemning, not loving based on one’s own misconstruing of scriptures. Flaws such as ‘cliques’ in segregating those ‘worthy of their attentions. Flaws such as teaching false doctrine.  Flaws such as hidden idols of the heart.


My beliefs, my knowing, my understanding of God is continually being challenged in the suffering that exists in our world today. I am continually being challenge in whom I profess to be, in the midst of a religion, that is professing godliness, but many hearts are far from being godly.

I am continuing to become challenged by my own misunderstanding, my own biases, my own ways of judging, my own mental constructions and belief systems.

I find it is in the challenges, where I grow, develop and integrate new ways of being into my own repertoire of relating as I encounter the living God moment-by-moment, experiencing His unlimited manifested bounty, in all of who He is.

For if God is God, then is it not He who is the all-knowing?  Is it not He who is everywhere?

Is it not He who entered our lives when we were nothing, when we felt unworthy? Is it not He who enters those spaces in all humans, regardless of who they are, what they have done? 

It is not He who has died for Every man, woman and child? Is not His gift of salvation that is available for every human?

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In my Christianity, none of us will ever merit God’s grace in our lives. Not one of us is worthy of such favor.  There is nothing I can do or will do to every gain God’s approval. I cannot buy or purchase such love, such grace, such blessings.

God has love me before I was formed in my mother’s womb. I have His full approval and acceptance from the beginning.

Not one of us are worthy in receiving the bountiful mercy Christ pours into us each day.

Not one of us are able to earn His love. Not one of us are called to jump through hoops in order to receive salvation. Not one of us have to change to receive the free gift of love, for Jesus Christ died on the cross to gift to anyone who will believe, His life, who is the ultimate person of love.

We can do no works to be worthy of His life in ours. We can do nothing in regards to church attendance, forms of prayer, methods of gaining from Him, that He recognizes.

If we believe we must give anything, including tithes, offerings and gifts to God in order to gain His benefits, is this not man’s efforts, works and self made religion?

There are no giving to get teachings in God’s kingdom. 

Anyone who teaches that in order to gain favor, to gain benefits, to gain anything from God you must give something, is not instructing biblically.  We in our own flesh, in our own methods, in our own designs can do nothing to gain anything from God.

God is a being whose gifts are freely given, gifts that need no payment, gifts that are not able to be returned by any flesh design or motives.  The gift of eternal life has been merciful given to us, freely, no strings attached. The gift of the Holy Spirit empowerment has been freely gifted to us, with no payment required. The gift of the Christ Spirit life in us, has been freely gifted to us with no requirement of anything.

If we are giving to gain benefits, whether monetarily, materialistically, or relational, then I say, our giving is being tainted by idealistic self aimed achievements and insincere flesh motivations.

If we fail to be motivated in loving without conditions, simply giving with no expectation of return, in all we are, in all we do, in all we think, then I have to question whose love this is?

May we treat all with the respect, dignity, honor, integrity, regardless of any condition they are in, regardless of what they appear to look like, regardless of if they have any worth in the sight of this world.

We have the eyes of God, who sees the heart and soul of those we meet along life’s pathway. May we learn to see souls and not categorize, separate, label, and make divisions based on our own biases and ways of beings.

May we bridge the divide in standing in the gap for all those who walk this journey with us, in being this gracious love we have the holy honor in carrying within our own human tattered frame.

We have a higher calling to be clothed in the love Christ placed inside the depth of who we are, in our humanity. God’s son Jesus Christ in the person of the Holy Spirit is the divine nature of who dwells inside us, intertwined in our spirits, deeply ingrained into our humanity.

So, let us meditatively read 1 Corinthians 13 as a spiritual practice, asking the Holy Spirit to search our hearts, acknowledging our own failings, allowing His Spirit to be the holy balm of love that will heal the world, and that will heal us as a people, one life at a time, one heart at a time.


Living Intentionally


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