Together we can…..

We can do it together

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This is America, land of the free,

Where all are treated equal?

Where all are given the same opportunity?

Where all can live and breathe where they want?

Where choice is an element unrestricted in peoples’ path?


Bigotry walks our streets

tall and proud as prejudice.


This land we call America is divided;

the rich, the poor, the middle class, the invisible (the homeless).

Yet we all live on the same earth, but are not treated equally,

or freely or given the same opportunities.


All types of people inhabit this place we call America.

Eyes are hollowed out with hatred (even towards one’s own kind),

Those living exhausting our resources, not giving it a second thought.


We talk about those other countries that hate and kill and consume

based upon self-centered prospects.  Then we do the same thing.


Who are we to talk about others’ when we can’t get along,

or talk things out or live on even ground.  I know that I am

a bit idealistic, thinking everyone can change, but it only takes one

person showing another showing another to change.  Change for the good,

to love those around us as we love ourselves.


Maybe that’s part of the problem,

some of us don’t love ourselves so it is impossible to give

out of one’s heart towards another.


We must learn to change the way we treat

others.  Where is respect when you have the bullies, the hoods, the gangs,

the beauty queens and kings, those that are filled with a false sense of power,

and they use that power to degrade others.


This should not be so.  Easy to say, hard to know.  There is no easy solution,

but we can start by ourselves.  One person can give out of themselves to help another.

Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Sister Theresa, Jesus Christ, the Dali Lama, and others

gave their whole lives forging new pathways, visionaries of their time.


There will always be injustice in this land of America, it’s just the way it is.

But there can also be love towards each other which reaches a far better end.


We must find our way together as Americans to Be the change needed in our own region of this world.




Living Intentionally



Where do we begin in working together for a better world?  For healthier families? For stronger neighborhoods?  For stronger communities?  














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