Last bike ride – A Father’s Grief

close up photography of red and black road bike frame
Photo by Guillaume Hankenne on

To: the Murderer

You never had to stand
There and watch
Your own eldest
Shut the dead eyes
Of his own

You didn’t
Have to see
Stretch over
The chest
Of your dead son
Wishing it
Wasn’t so.

All you did
Was shut your eyes
To the law
Stretch your
Life across the
Excuse of an
Innocent boy’s
Bike ride.

While you
Travel on
Lying, and
Everyone or Everything
Your own

Not man enough
To stand,
And open your eyes.

This was no accident, it was murder,
With any illegal
Now Road-worthy Vehicle,
Piloted by an
Irresponsible driver.

You stood and
Lied to me on my porch
And I’m sure
Lying to your family, friends
And yourself

That it wasn’t
Your fault.

You murdered an innocent boy.

Hide behind insurance and excuses
I know you will be found out
For what you are………. A murderer.

Maybe not by men’s laws,
But certainly by God’s.

You chose an illegal vehicle
You chose to drive blind.

(you couldn’t see even the lines
since you had no lights)
You drove anyway!!!!!

Right straight through my boy.

My son never had a chance,
You are blinded by yourself
My son never saw you coming.

Get it, the point before God.
It is that YOU are 100% responsible
For not seeing my son,
And, the truth is
YOU are 100% responsible
for my son not seeing you.


Guest Post – Ron Taylor

My husbands grief


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