Dip in the Pool – So refreshing!

Had a lovely dip in my sister’s pool tonight!  Wow did that ever feel refreshing from this oppressive heat we are getting in the NY!   So nice to be able to do this as she lives only minutes from me, but we rarely have a chance to get together anymore.

My grandniece was down staying with her awhile and she is 8 and I experience such joy with her tonight. Youth are full of energy, vibrancy, joy and lots of life!

person feet dipping on pool
Photo by Nadine Wieser on Pexels.com

We had a wonderful time talking, laughing and just plain taking some time to have a bit of fun!  That felt GREAT!!!

Now to an evening to finish up a writing assignment, then hopefully some reading.  I bought two books recently, both woman authors as expanding my collection of female writers.

When I was in college those many years ago, I undertook an independent study with one of the Literary Professors who did his doctorate at Oxford, London.  Wow, was he brilliant and to be able to participate in a one-to-one in depth study of 19th century woman authors was such an honor.  And he did it for free as I was taking a break, being pregnant, while my husband attending full time.

When we have opportunities to soak up learning on this sort of level, then go for it!  It was worth every bit of reading I did and just being in the company of learned people to have intelligent discussions, discourse and to grow in who I was as a young eager woman, discovering her own journey in the midst of marriage, children, education, service and social pursuits.

I still have most of the authors’ books I studied back in those times of the mid 70’s.  I have always had an inner drive to saturate myself in books, becoming lost in the stories of those who walked this same earth, but in very different environment.

My how time changes the way we live, how we live, and the many comforts we have now that many never had, and many still will never have.

Well, I will not travel off course and get into all sorts of topics my mind is drifting in and will just end this post with a See You Later!


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