Letting go of emotional wounds

Letting go of our emotional wounds becomes a necessary part in our journey to wholeness, to integration, to Oneness with our God’s redemptive healing love.

adult alone backlit dark
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When we hold within us resentment, bitterness, and/or a hatred towards anyone else, it is like drinking toxic poison and expecting the other person to die. The only person we harm when we internally clutch onto these deep-seated emotions towards another, is ourselves.

Letting go of these damaging emotions turned inwardly is often a complex and difficult process, but it becomes a necessary one in order for us to grow beyond this sort of entrenched living and enter into the stream of living waters that Holy Spirit-led living gifts to us.

The redemptive love of our Father God is the key in this letting go process. Letting go of the hurts we hold inside from others. The hurts of our past. The hurts that have become our present. The hurts that caused pained sorrow living.

It becomes necessary to come to the throne of mercy that our Father pours out from His heart into ours. For it is in His mercy we become His beloved. It is through His merciful love our wounds become washed in His healing balm of tender caring compassion towards us.

Letting go is a process. In this process we discover it is not worth our own sanity, our own inner peace, to carry such emotions towards another, who has caused us damage to our person.

So, in this process of letting go of our emotional baggage, let us be patient with ourselves and one another, for this often takes time, time in being alone with our Father, so His love can enter those spaces of desolation, those places of pained sorrow, those places of remembered hurts.

It is a daily art of learning to surrender our hurtful emotions to our God. It is a daily devotion in meditating in His word, so the living word, the Christ Spirit, becomes the active agent in whose healing balm cleanses our internal repertoire of hurts.

It is a daily art of lifting our voices in worship to our God, who becomes the One who frees us from oppressive pain and hurts.

It is a daily art of coming before Him in the garden of our hearts, so His fullness can be who sustains us during this process of letting go, where His Spirit births fruits from our sufferings, blooming throughout the seasons of our lives.

Letting go becomes the way to our Father God’s heart of pure love, where His desires draw us intimately nearer to the source of life-giving waters of the living hope we discover empowers, whose Christ Spirit intricately transforms us, washing our wounded souls in His redemptive embracing love.

Our Father’s authentic love, reconciles us to Himself, bringing us into the intimacy of His fellowship in an ever deeper, closer walk with Him, in these pained sorrows of our hearts, growing and maturing as women in our faith.


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