Digging into God’s earth – the work of my day

It is a balmy bright breezy day here in Upstate NY and I am taking this day as an opportunity to get some much needed yard work done; weeding, digging up plants, transplanting them, etc.  This is work I really can get into, kneeling. (with my garden pad) digging into the richly laden earth, weeding, planting, nurturing and caring for the many flowers, fruit bushes, and plants we have in our front and side yards.

I often liken it to the way God cares for us, tenderly, watchfully, fondly as He weeds out the rough places of our thoughts, minds and attitudes, pruning with great care to not harm or damage, exchanging His Spirit ways for our own ways, melding us as One.

When I am in the dirt, near to the earth of God’s creation, I can hear His voice telling me, stay in Him, seek His ability in all my life and He will remain the firmly rooted truth I have come to know, and I am but one flower, blooming in the garden of humanity, as He created each individual, uniquely in His own image, carrying varying flavors of His fullness.

“Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let the sea resound, and all that is in it. Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.”  Psalm 96:11-12

My soul was lifted today in the gentle blowing breeze and the sum warming my face, saturating every part of my being, just as the light of God’s Spirit pours daily in every cell, filling and satisfying the core of whom I am becoming, saturating my inner realm with the Joy of my Lord’s love, flowing up and out from my heart!



When I am gardening in our yard, I become filled with a sense of wellbeing, gratitude, and appreciation that I am able to get outside and do some of this work.  This type work feels richly rewarding and I am reminded of my heritage, a family of farmers, growing food for their human hunger, and I am but one generation among the many.

Yes, it is hard work, and yes it involves effort, and yes it also involves planning, but I enjoy each step, each part, each process in this journey, participating with the wider circle of gardeners who grow lovely things to view and as I take a step back to reflect on my progress, I feel proud and have a knowing, I have accomplished a good work today.

I smile as I can see God reflecting on His good work in progress in my own spirit He gifted to me and know He is a good, good God.
The beauty in the bounty that bursts forth in colored arrays; Spring through Fall, from the varying types of flowers I have in our yard, give pleasurable fragrances while displaying rainbow shades; red, pink, yellow, orange, bluish/green.

I inspected my new gooseberry bush, heavily laden with rounded green berries.  I had just planted it new last year and right next to it, I also planted new last year, a Black Current bush, which also showed fruits not yet ripened, glistening in the glint of the skies sun.

Tomorrow I will journey over to my friends’ house, early in the morning, to gather some of her plants in my arms, that she would like to share with me.  I will be looking to fill some of the spaces I have around our yard and the free gifts of flowers, bushes, plants or just about anything from the bounty of friend’s yards is indeed a special blessing.

Many of my plants/flowers were given to me from friends.   When I see them blooming, smell their flavor drifting in the summer winds, I remember the names and smile, recalling the uniqueness of each one and what they offered to me in the giving of themselves in bonded friendship, just as I see their kindness in these plants.

After working in our yard most of the morning, I felt energized,, renewed and can sensed a river of inner calm and peace, beneath the surface of my mind.  I had worked diligently and hard work, methodically pacing myself, breaking for rest and hydration.

Looking over all that was completed from this morning’s labor in the dirt and what was accomplished in this part of my project, I gathered all the tools, putting them away, telling myself I will gladly water when the setting of the sun shadows these plants and this is something I longingly look forward to as I will watch them drink from the abundant source of this water, the same as I thirstily drink from the hands of God’s labor upon this good earth.

My soul is alive with the song of God’s Spirit whose melody is One of inner harmony and I begin the second part of my day, now noon, now ready to write, edit, sort, organize, further putting together words to express my story, to help another find their way in this land, to show them in language the God I know, is a God who responds to us lovingly and compassionately desires to call us His own, drawing us near to His bosom.

I thank God each day for my health and ability in the caring and nurturing of these plants of earth’s bounty and look forward to seeing them flourish into those vibrant expressive colors that array our yard throughout the year and to the many people walking by who stop to admire the display, remarking with kind comments, as they too appreciate this beauty.

I am reminded just as these flowers and plants flourish when properly nourished and exposed to the bright sun, so do I flourish, when being in the Spirit life, expressing God’s beautiful fruits from my words, deeds and behaviors, knowing full well, when I seek His ways instead of my own, His Spirit spills out from mine, with His goodness, and He ushers me into the heavenly glory where He is, showering me intimately in His love, sustaining me with Himself.

So, as the plants thrive, so do I, no longer striving, but thriving, right where God has planted me, digging my own roots deeply into Him, my source, the manna of life, seeking my One desire, the love of my soul, My Lord Jesus, who ushers me into the blessed fellowship with the Triune Godhead.

There is a harmony when we grow, maturing into the expression of God’s love, as the body of Christ, brothers and sisters chosen and called to live in the sense of community, nourishing our thoughts, minds, and hearts in His Word, soaking in richness of His truth bathing in this sacred centered fellowship.

The beauty I see in my yard and all around me in nature shows forth the expressions of our God and the harmonious union we can know in Him, and I can feel this Oneness in the nearness with the earth and plant life, God’s living things, created for our pleasure and for us to take care of.

Our God delight in us, and I have come to discover my delight is found in Him, and all that He has gifted to me in this new life as His creation, birthed from His Spirit, is found in the being in Him and as I busied myself doing this yard work, entering the dirt, I knew He entered the dearth of my soul, and we become One in the word of my day.



Living Intentionally 







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