No longer doing, but BEING

What is our life, but the breath of God flowing through us as we become His heart searching in the corners and edges in our neighborhoods, in our communities, encountering those who are hungering and thirsting for someone to care, for someone to show love, sincere, genuine, true love.

The love that flows from the heart of God is real. God’s love is truth. God’s love is authentic. It is His love who draws us in our desires to be God Hearts among the poor, offering mercy to those who know not Him, touching souls as His holy instruments.

We carry the Divinity of the Christ Spirit within us, not for our own pleasure, but this gift is to be freely given away, with no strings attached, without conditions, without exception.

The call upon our lives comes with a great responsibility. We are representatives who are flesh beings, yet, have within us a supernatural power that has been divinely imparted into our flesh frame, by our God.

May our lives be not so much in doing, but more so in being. Being present with those who are ill. Being present with those who are confused. Being present with those who are in the dark. Being present with those who have not.

Being present with each person we cross paths with, attentive to the Spirit speaking to us, willingly listening to this still small voice as He leads, guides, and directs our steps.

As fleeting as life is, may our lives make a qualitative difference in all our interactions and may we consider how we treat others, that we give honor, live with integrity, and respect those in our midst, in realizing we are all on this journey as humans who share in the suffering and consequences of our very humanity.

In the sharing of our lives, may we be the breath of God upon those in our midst, breathing into their lives, the Hope we know, allowing the Hope of Christ, His Love, to overflow from us in generous abundance.

For the life we have been given has been imparted, intricately intertwined into the fabric of every cell, vessel, and organ of our bodies. May we allow the Spirit of abundance, who is love, to flow freely from us, so that others may be inspired in having this same hope, strengthening them in continuing their own journey, no matter the difficulty, no matter the struggle.

Let us bridge the divide in this world, with this pure and unadulterated love of our Father God, as it is His Love who transforms, and it will be by His love dwelling, pouring from us where people will know that God is a living God, and that in our love for them, they will taste of this God, who always responds with tender caring compassion.

So should we, intentionally choose to respond to others in this same love we have been empowered by the Christ Spirit in being able to do, as it His love transcends any human conditioned love.

The meaning and purpose of our lives is determined by the offering of ourselves in service to our Lord; time, resources, ability, gifts.

When we reach out, stepping beyond our own needs and desires, viewing life from a servant model, seeking to pass on our own learning and experiences to those younger, we are instilling necessary valuing of others in our own part of this world, interconnecting generations in a near mindednessbecoming saged mentors, breathing the living word, and renewing the gospel in action, in today’s culture.

Transformed from doing to BEING GOD HEARTS is our highest calling and we can only be so, by stepping back from self, and stepping into the Spirit Life of Christ, allowing His balm of healing love to be who reigns in our inner realm.


Living Intentionally




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