Drink a Moringa beverage to add Zip to your day!

Studies have long proven the strong connection with poor diets and disease conditions.

We are able to prevent many long term chronic conditions in living a balanced lifestyle; balancing types of foods, regular exercise, methods of stress management, pacing activities and being intentional in how we are living.


Do your own research into the companies selling products so you can be guaranteed of the most nutrient dense ingredients, the source of where they are being gleamed, and  also if they are portraying to be Certified Organic, Organic, Non-GMO, etc.

Two products I have been adding to my daily regimen are; Moringa and Vital Reds.

I purchased this Moringa, a product sourced from India, when it was on the May sale from my local natural health retail store, as it is quite expensive.  Moringa is a leaf powder. Native to India.  It is a nutritionally complex Super Food that is naturally abundant in vitamins, minerals & those much needed amino acids – the building blocks of protein.  Daily use of Moringa can help enhance your nutritional intake.

It is 100% Organic, provides alkalizing benefits while adding a bit of a zip in energizing your body.  (who does not need a little lift?)  It helps to support our immune systems and increases strength and stamina, all the while boosting nutrition & energy levels.

You can read more relevant information on this supplemental powder by going to the site:  organicindia.com

I purchased Vital Reds from Dr. Gundry’s website when they were offering specials that included free shipping, so I could try this product.  This powder contains a mix of organic fruits, vegetables and also a metabolic boosting blend of Cinnamon bark, ginger root, green tea leaf extract, white tea leaf extract, tumeric rhizome extract (95% curcuminoids), bitter melon fruit extract, black pepper fruit, along with a digestive supporting blend of probiotics.

Although I am not in need of any probiotics as I get all my body needs from my own homemade Kombucha, which contains live specimens.  Also, if you are taking probiotics regularly, you need to do a bit of research in making sure you are complementing these with the necessary foods containing prebiotics.

Vital Reds are not a product I use daily due to it having the extra probiotics I already get in my own consumption of the fermented tea known as Kombucha.  (I have articles on Kombucha along with how to make your own and what benefits consuming this product can have in maintaining your own health and well-being).  You might want to read:  Making Kombucha in Upstate NY, found under the Health and Wellness tab, in how I make my own batches!

If you have a small blender, blend the appropriate measurement of these two powders into a tall glass of filtered water and consume first thing in the morning to get the most benefits.

I switch out making smoothies or simply adding Moringa to my morning beverage (water & kombucha) as I am finding it does give a beneficial boost in my stamina.


Here’s to your own Health and Wellness!


Share in the ‘Penny for your thoughts’ section below; What morning beverages have you found to add stamina, energy, or a boost to your body?  





Certified Tai Chi Instructor



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