When we love, we become God Hearts to all……

I am a grateful daughter of the most High God, in whose arms I am embraced, in whose heart I am loved dearly, in whose arms I am cared for intimately, and when I am being His desire in communing in Him, He becomes my desire, and my walk with Him is being done, moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day.

silhouette of man touching woman against sunset sky
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Life is but a fleeting breath, when it is gone so are all the opportunities we could have had.

So, do what you can now, while the light is shining and forsake not gathering with other believers, for in their company, we discover the community of love we were meant to dwell with, in the bonded fellowship of our Father God’s greatest gift to us, another’s warm embrace.

In the midst of our fellowship with one another, God is seen as we lift up, edify, encourage, pray for and support one another in this journey called faith.

The body of Christ comes alive in us, when we walk in genuine love with one another, sincerely desiring the best in our sisters and brothers, that the Spirit of God in them, would be glorified through all of whom they are becoming.

1 Corinthians 13 and 1 John are the measures of our love; whether we are true on our insides, following through with what we profess, and being the authentic men and woman of the Holy God, who live the words we speak, showing practical application of the gospel of Christ in today’s world.

May our lives be seen as worthy of our calling, to be joined in an intimate union with the Triune Godhead, where we become God Hearts, spreading His love everywhere we place our feet.

This life as a faith woman, has been beyond anything this world has offered me, for having the divine nature of the Christ Spirit inside me, gives me but a taste of my Father God’s tender and intimate love for me, where I long to be with Him each day, throughout my days.

So my pilgrimage upon this earth becomes a beacon of His grace walking among the hungry, thirsty, weary, and poor who are trodden down and oppressed, showing them the way to His love.


Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister

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