Visit to Benezette – Elk Capitol of PA

My husband and I recently spent a week in Western PA, hoping to capture some great pictures of the Elk population in that area.

Having done my research, I was not sure we would spot any Elk as they are most visible and out and around in plenty during the Rut season, in early Fall when they are mating.

So, with some anticipation in check, we made the 45 minute drive to Benezette from the cabin we were renting in Cook Forest, PA, in hopes of spotting some of these elusive Elk.


We were met with both pleasure and excitement upon seeing our first Elk.  I have posted pictures of several different Bulls (Male Elk), who usually lose their racks in early spring, and sprout new ones.  The Bulls we saw were in various stages of growth and the larger ones had bigger antlers due to the types of nutrient dense foods they were grazing on.


We discovered a lot about these animals and were delighted at viewing many, including cows (female elk) and we also happened upon a newly born calf the mother had hidden in the tall grasses!  I will have to search for that photo and when I find it, I will post it.


I took this opportunity to set up my Tripod to steady my camera for clearer shots and these Bulls cooperated by lying down in the grass, which I imagine was cooler as this was in the evening hours when they come out of the deep woods to graze.

This last one is a Cow, female Elk.  The Cows and Bulls do not mix at this time of year, as the only time they actually group together is during the mating season in Fall.

I will be posting more pictures of these beautiful creatures as I found them interesting and we both enjoyed this trip to Elk territory in PA.


Lorraine Taylor










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