Choosing wisely

Each day as I rise, I hear my Father’s Spirit ask me; Are you choosing the Christ way?


This has been the question I am asking myself for the past several months as I go about my business and endeavors in living out my faith walk in the everyday ordinariness of my life. When I ask myself this question, I reflect on, what is the Christ way?

The Christ way is choosing to be loving in all my interactions, in all my encounters in all my exchanges with others. This being love can only occur when I am continually allowing the Holy Spirit to be who resides in my thoughts, minds and heart.

It is out of my heart flows rivers of His living waters that continually renew, refresh, as He pours His life into mine, so my heart becomes God’s Heart, touching others with this same Spirit of life, sparking stone hearts to melt in the compassionate care of our Lord’s authentic love.

When I am being authentic in my responses, which are an overflow from my internal state of being, others will see my sincere genuineness in the manner in which I respond with and to them.

Romans 12 speaks about not conforming to the cultural standards of my day which often dismisses, ignores, and rejects persons based on biases, prejudices and preformed ideas of persons associated with social class, race, and/or economic status.

It is God’s role to judge, it is my role to allow His Spirit of love to be who is manifested through whom I am becoming, a wise daughter of the King, birthed in His fruits to show forth His true love to everyone I meet along this journey in life.


Often, this takes me stepping back and pausing from reacting in an ungodly manner and stepping into the Grace the Holy Spirit offers to me in realizing how great is my need to rely on His Ability to pour out these living waters of Spirit life of love reviving dead hearts, raising persons up in His resurrected life, in the manner that is Christ like.

My purpose is not in having a shallow faith, but the intentions God has designed for me as a woman of the King is to live in the spiritual depth of His kingdom, growing into a mature woman of faith, as He pulls back the veil moment-by-moment, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, to usher me into tasting a bit more of His Divine nature, drawing me nearer to His throne of Mercy, allowing me to touch the hem of His holiness.

My Father’s highest desire is that I spend time alone in Him daily, that I make sacred space without distractions, where I know I will not be interrupted to commune in Him, to be present in this most Holy of Unions with the Triune God, in whose fellowship I dwell in the love of my Father, the person of Jesus and the person of the Holy Spirit.



My inner character of the woman He is calling me to be, results from my relational being in this Triune Godhead who fills me with the Spirit’s ability to be all of whom I have been chosen, called and anointed to become, a Godly woman.

I have indeed found this living water of life, known in the power of the resurrected Christ Spirit, who is alive in me, and who has fully equipped me to do all that He desires to accomplish in and through me by the ability of His Holy Spirit.

How great is my need in relying on this love gifted from God’s Holy Spirit, in whose power transforms my inner character, to be nearer to the image of Christ.

I am  ‘Choosing the Christ Way’ when my response is motivated in love and when my tone, manner, and words exemplify this love to every man, woman and child I meet each day.





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