Jesus died for the marginalized too!

Loving all those differently-abled, those living with challenging physical and/or mental health issues are the many persons who should be included in being present with in regards to incorporating the all-inclusive message of the gospel teachings of Jesus Christ!

Embracing those living with long-term disabling conditions is how we include others into our circle. Including others, regardless of any condition, race, religion, socioeconomic status, is about showing forth the Love God has called us to BE.

All those our society oppresses due to stigma, judgment, biased and twisting of scriptures to fit one’s own agenda, are those Jesus came with His inclusive gospel, that calls each one of us to take the higher road in carrying His cross to everyone.  We do this in the manner He taught, the love He exemplified, the attitudes He portrayed, the graciousness of His love meeting people right where they are at.

The woman at the well.  The leper outside the gate.  The blind man who begged. The woman who bled. The crippled, the lame, the outcasts of His day.  All of them, He touched in ways that caused them to spring forth with the waters of a vibrant and relevant faith, igniting downcast spirits in His Hope found in His death upon the cross, that all may know His authentic love.

It is in and through being His love overflowing from us towards others, where our Lord graciously pours streams of mercy, grace and forgiveness into the darkness known in oppression, towards all those who will carry it into those places, walking in the truth of Christ teachings.

Our Lord always responds to us and those in our midst in a loving, holy, supernatural way.


This faith life is about being present with one another in the midst of adversity, bearing one another’s burdens.

Embracing others is about caring enough to take the time needed in being a true friend who nurtures by attentiveness, who remains faithful and loyal. It is about listening to both the spoken and unspoken words of another and not pushing one’s own agenda onto someone already suffering.

This faith life is not primarily focused on getting them ‘healed’ or having to ‘fix’ another, or requiring them to bow to our dogma. It is certainly not about excluding them, rejecting them, or making them feel on the ‘outside’, if they ‘do not become’ healed.

Yet this is often the response persons enduring long-term chronic conditions receive from good intentions of Christians, leaders and often, many pastors.

Like all of us, children and adults with disabilities and/or long-term medical/mental health conditions, those disenfranchised, have a great need to belong. A caring friend can be a lifeline to those who often feel isolated and alone.  A compassionate way of being lifts up the souls in those downcast, in those trudging through life in adversities.

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Supporting and encouraging can make a huge difference in the life of one who must endure on-going difficult symptoms, limiting them in ways one never takes into consideration.

Living with a mindful awareness in carrying within us a sensitivity of where a person is at and then being daringly present can make the difference between life and death, as suicide is a very real action being taken by many who are at the end of their sanity.

Let us consider one another and think of ways we can be kinder, nicer, more tolerant and accepting of those whose life is one of struggles.  May our words be a balm of the healing Jesus came to bring, of which the greatest gift He gifted to us, is His Love.


In Luke 14, Jesus taught the religious leaders of his day that in the kingdom of God we should embrace and befriend those with whom we would not normally associate in our social settings.

In fact, He gave us a new guest list for dinner parties: “the poor, the crippled, the lame and the blind” (14:13).

These are people who society has marginalized or relegated to places of lower social status.

Jesus specifically indicates in this passage that one sign of true spiritual maturity is welcoming the marginalized. May we all step out of the box of what has become acceptable in the ‘church’ and walk into the lives of those kept on the ‘outside’ of Christian circles through biased and prejudicial attitudes, embracing them with the warmth of the Christ Spirit who is love.  (Luke 14:14).

Jesus told us in the Scriptures, “You must Love the Lord your God, with ALL our heart, with ALL your soul, and with ALL your mind and your neighbor as yourself.”   This is the first and Greatest commandment. A second is equally important: “Love your neighbors as yourself.”    Matthew 22:37-39

Our relationship with our Lord is integrally interconnected with our relationships with others and the bond that ties our hearts in one accord is the fruit of the Spirit of which the greatest gift birthed in us, is Love. (1 Corinthians 13) (1 John)

When my way trumps God’s way of loving, then I am the one who is wrong. I am the one who is causing stumbling blocks in hindering my brother or sisters faith walk, and I am the one who is in error if I have not love towards them in my heart. I either live the whole gospel teachings of Christ, or I do not,  I am either all in, or I am not.  Scriptures tell us we are not His, if we have not the embodiment of love in the ways we are responding to those we encounter.

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Scriptures are the measure of how we need to mirror love in the passages written in 1 Corinthians and 1 John and we should all fall before our Lord’s grace in our failing in allowing His ways of being loving to be intertwined in our humanness, with those society and religious Christians are casting aside as not ‘good’ enough to sit at the Lord’s table.

The Lord’s table is set for all, including those that are not deemed ‘worthy’ of communing in fellowships.  Anyone who uses Christianity or scriptures to justify an attitude of hate, an attitude in causing strife, an attitude in dividing who is ‘worthy’ and who is not, are not true followers of the Christ way.

The way of the Cross is Always embracing others, drawing them nearer to our Father God’s bosom of pure unadulterated love, and He uses us in all our weaknesses to be His heart in the dark corners of this world, being His love.

Love is a priority with Jesus, and should it not be so with us too? 

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We can only be so loving, so gentle, so tender when abiding in the Spirit-led life who grants us with the Christ ability to be God Hearts to all those broken, wounded, and those being ostracized by those religious elite that Jesus confronted in the early believer days.

So Jesus stands at the door of our hearts, knocking to see if we will allow Him entrance into slaying the idols of self-righteousness in our own hearts.  He comes to us today to take down the self-induced doctrine of righteous to clothe ourselves in His righteousness which is giving up of self, which is laying down our lives for the brethren, which is interconnecting with others in the bond the Holy Spirit brings, in meaningful relationships, bearing His greatest gift, real love.

Jesus confronts us in today’s ‘church’ culture that divides, separates and groups into ‘cliques’ those who are seen as the ones selected to be included into the ‘elite Christians’, while those others are cast aside by attitudes, harsh words, and asks where are we failing to understand our greatest commission, our highest calling is to be One with the Godhead who is love, but also with one another, and this being One is only possible when dwelling in His perfect love, in our total surrendering of having to have things our way.

He comes to us today, and asks “Who are we choosing to serve and it is the Christ way of responding to those we meet in life’s journey?”  Our answer to this question is either a Yes, or No.

There is no middle ground in walking this narrow road called faith. We are either living in a surrendered consecration in allowing the Spirit reign and devoted in being His beloved, or we are walking the road in the serving of flesh.

Let our hearts mirror this Love that Jesus came to earth to manifest. That in All our interactions with others, God’s sincere Love in us, would be the internal drive, motivating our responses.

May this Love Reign Supreme in our hearts, for then we are fulfilling the Greatest act given by God, choosing to show forth His authentic Love as the priority in All our relationships.


Living Intentionally



Let us Pray

Holy Spirit, help us to embody the Love of our Lord’s death in the way we treat others.  Help us in our need to be God Hearts as it is only possible when I give up me, my ways, my methods, my designs, my habits, my skewed attitudes, my knowing, and stepping into the way of the Spirit, who leads me towards your sustaining truth and who imparts your precious life-sustaining love in the tattered threads of  my humanness.



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