God is Sufficient

John 4:14 “ … but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never thirst; but the water that I will give him will become in him a well of water springing up to eternal life.”

When I think of a well, this image takes me back to times spent on my great grandmother’s farm on 160 acres in the rolling hills of PA.


On my family’s old homestead, those many years ago, there was no running water, all we had in those times was the well outside the kitchen door. I can remember going outside with a pail to pump water into my bucket for washing up. There was a net over the edge of where the water came out to catch any critters that might have gotten in the well area.

There seemed an endless supply of continual fresh streaming water that poured out each time I would go out to fill a bucket to bring inside for heating up on the double oven wood stove we used for all our cooking.

This is the same with the Holy Spirit who has been imparted within us, who fills us with a rich endless supply of His ability, adequately providing us with all we need in this life to live our Faith as humans upon this earth.

We are carriers of the divine nature of the Christ Spirit whose supply never runs dry. We are fully equipped for all that is required of us in those areas where we serve, having every good gift given to us by our Lord Jesus whose living waters are a constant steady stream of renewal, refreshing us each day we ask to be filled again with His life.

We will never lack, for our Lord Christ, whose resurrection Power is at work in us, is Always ENOUGH! He FULLY SATISFIES and COMPLETES us in all ways!


I have learned in over the past 43 years I have walked with my Lord, that He is SUFFICIENT and so am I when I allow His Spirit to be who I follow, who leads me beside the still waters, restoring my soul, that Psalm 23 speaks about, who ushers me into His sacred place of rest known in abiding in His ability.

I can do nothing of my own as a Spiritual woman whose faith is in this living God, whose Spirit has been imparted into mine, and in whose abundent life is so intertwined in mine that He has become the core of whom I am becoming.

His life is intricately threaded within the tattered frame of my humanity and it is His Divine Nature who performs all the works of my Father God through this relational being, to show forth His Love upon this earth and it is He who becomes glorified in the flux of living out my faith life.



Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister to the Body of Christ


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